Anyone seen HJ? - Jase
Is it me or is the great man a rare visitor these days?
The roadtests seem fewer and postings sparse.

Are you losing faith in us, or is it simply that you need to earn a crust and the site only eats your time and money! ;-)

The backroomers await your next appearance!
CavV6 and cavWeb fan.
Anyone seen HJ? - volvoman
Well speaking as someone who decided to virtually give up work in my early forties, reduce the stress in my life and concentrate on my family, I hope HJ's taking a bit of time off and enjoying the fruits of his considerable labour.

We're a long time dead after all!
Anyone seen HJ? - J Bonington Jagworth
"We're a long time dead after all!"

I quite agree, VM. No-one ever said on their death-bed that they wished they had spent more time at the office...

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