Mitsubishi Brakes - Tim Allcott
Mother-in-law has 02 reg Space Wagon, bought ex-demo from main agent in January, about 6,000 miles on the clock. Braking from speed now produces noticeable vibration. I drove it last weekend: she doesn't normally drive in a manner to notice this, I got it to do it twice. Yesterday she was on a longer drive and had to decelarate quickly, and noticed it. I thought warped discs (why?) She's taking it to local main agent. Any other ideas about what might cause it? Is it likely to be covered by the warranty? (website says discs/pads excluded) Car by car breakdown refers to brake recall (as dealer demo, presumably work completed) but to reduced brake efficency. Still stops, but vibrates.
Mitsubishi Brakes - RichardW
Warped discs? Very probably
Covered by warranty? Very unlikley
Reason? Many - harsh braking during early life (demo car) maybe, sitting on the brake pedal in traffic queue when the brakes are hot, washing it / using alloy wheel cleaner and then leaving it to stand (although this usually pits the discs rather than warping them).

Mitsubishi Brakes - Aprilia
I have heard of this before on late-model mitsubishis. I think you will need a minimum of a skim; possibly new discs (not cheap!). Do a web and newsgroup search - you may find other stories about this problem.
Mitsubishi Brakes - Tim Allcott
Original problem now sorted (and under warranty) however, I thought people might be intrigued to learn that the garage told mother-in-law that the brakes had been 'relined' !?
I thought that only happened to shoes on drum brakes and that the space wagon is discs all round...

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