Useful Reversing Sensor Info - SjB {P}
Having decided not to pay the sum requested by Volvo for a OEM reversing sensor system on my new V70, I will fit an after market system instead.

HJ's FAQ page told me that the Quanan 2030 came top in the Auto Express test, so I searched the web for more information.

The following hyperlink was the best that I found, and is a wealth of information about this model. It answered all my questions, so I share it incase it answers yours too.

From here, press the icon on he left of the page for 'Quanan'.

Useful Reversing Sensor Info - Blue {P}
The taurus system looks wuite good.

I know the sensors in my dad's Micra prevented a nasty driveway mishap with my car a while back, almost a shame, I would have dined out on it for years. :)
Useful Reversing Sensor Info - SjB {P}
... It does indeed Blue Oval.

I didn't look at that one initially, as it was not covered in the test results, but I like the idea of an invisible fit.

Would be interested to hear any Backroomer experiences with non Ultrasonic detectors such as this.
Useful Reversing Sensor Info - Deryck Tintagel
The Taurus is available a little bit cheaper from In Car Discount :

I have been meaning to look at this one following a minor scuff to my rear bumper - it cost as much to have repaired as the detector. If you live in the Tewkesbury area they have a similar system as a demonstrator that you can look at. I intend to have a look in the near future.
Useful Reversing Sensor Info - John R @ Work {P}
I understand the ultrasonic system should be able to sense objects behind the car - other cars, trees, walls etc.

Would the Taurus Electro-magnetic system only be able to sense metalic objects? i.e. cars, so would not 'see' brick walls etc.

John R
Useful Reversing Sensor Info - Mark (RLBS)
I can't say I get on all that well with reversing sensors generally. They're fine if you're reversing straight back up to something; but if you are reversing into a space so that the car is at an angle to the car next to it, they react all the way into the space. If I had to live with them for too long I reckon it might be out with the club-hammer time.
Useful Reversing Sensor Info - Blue {P}
They do operate, but the beeps are far apart, so you know you're safe.

It's when the tone is continuous that you really want to worry!
Useful Reversing Sensor Info - Dude - {P}
As someone who suffers from arthritis in the neck, I find these sensors invaluable - (original factory fitting in my case). The only time I find they can be somewhat confusing, is when you have to reverse in a narrow road, they seem to be so sensitive that a blade of grass will trigger the bleeper. On balance though, I feel that once you get used to one of these units, you would not want to be without it.!!!!
Useful Reversing Sensor Info - Oz
I fully agree (BMW 3 Series and occasional lower back pain are the parameters in my case). The bumper-to-solid object distance when the tone becomes continuous is consistently around 20 cm. As already stated, it does react to side objects when reversing into a space at an angle, and also detects the odd tall weed. However better to detect irrelevant objects than fail to detect relevant ones.
I don't dismiss the possibility that a narrow projecting object (e.g. pipe) could catch it out, however ultimately (as for traction control systems, ABS, etc.) the old adage "there's no complete substitute for common sense" applies.
Oz (as was)
Useful Reversing Sensor Info - Dynamic Dave
Have you looked at the one on Maplin's website?

Significantly cheaper.
Useful Reversing Sensor Info - sombrueil
They are an excellent idea, in fact my sons best mate would wish they had them over 16 years ago, his friend works for a tyre company and he had to go out at night to a call on a wagon, on his way back he called at a late fast food shop, then he reversed to go home into a road, remember this was late at night, a stupid woman with 2 kids had decided to go out nightclubbing leaving the kids so called safely at home, oh yes they were very safe, in fact they were outside sitting on the edge of the pavement and could not be seen, yes he killed one and badly injured the other, not his fault, but his life has been shattered,its just a waste of time even trying to get him into your car, if he sees a child then he expects you to stop or go very very slow, no life is very unbearable for him, he does not drive now, what a waste of a life,so to me they are a great aid, it happened in the Beech Hill area of Wigan by the way. The mother for many years made his life a misery, screaming at him at home and at work, shameless woman, if she had been a bit decent she would not have left her kids on their own, dont worry she has had more kids.

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