Petrol consumption - geoff
I note that HJ seems to favour Texaco petrol but subject to the laws of libel can anybody advise if supermarket petrol is a bad thing bearing in mind that it must be refined somewhere and subject to some standards.I am also aware of sharing arrangements between companies and the common pipelines they use for transportation (from BP grangemouth for example)

Re: Petrol consumption - Myfyr
Personally, I only buy Shell petrol.

But that is only to qualify for air miles, using shell pluspoints and shell visa.

My opinion is that all petrols come from the same refineries anyway, regardless of brand, so there should be no difference in performance regarding the source of your petrol.

(waiting to be shot down in flames) ;o)
Search Please! - Guy Lacey
Search this site for supermarket fuel and you will end up with a plethora of answers/contradictions!

I think, Myfyr, you will be a dissappointed man if you drive an early 90's BMW and run it on supermarket fuel, for example.
Re: Search Please! - Myfyr
Why would the beemer struggle with supermarket petrol?

The "ingredients" (if I can call it that) of petrol should be pretty consistent, should it not?

Re: Search Please! - John Slaughter

Ran my '90 318 for 3+ years ( '94 - 97) on it with no problems, and the previous owner had run it on Tesco's finest unleaded. I'd agree with the others - I've never yet seen a supermarket refinery, but they have 40% of the market.


Re: Search Please! - Michael
according to earlier posts (search and you shall find) different outlets get different blends (apparently the driver selects the blend when loading the tanker)
Re: Search Please! - Michael
the bmw thing was a specific problem with certain models that had bores designed for better fuel than is on sale here. A mod to the bores (at bmw's expense) fixed the problem. Nothing to do with supermarkets.
There has been a lot of debate on this site about supermarket fuel. From what I've read, the base fuel is the same but the additives can vary, apparently because its added when loading the tanker ...according to an earlier post.

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