Nissan Almera Automatic - Rachel R
Does anyone have an opinion on the above? I would be looking to buy a second hand one about 5 years old. Its important to me that its reliable. Before you all tell me its boring, I actually don't want to attract attention because too many cars round here get stolen!! I don't want to end up with a rust bucket (I currently have an M reg Fiesta which has rampant rusting despite plenty of anti-rust measures!). Whats also important to me is the reliability of the gear box. I have noticed that some of the smaller Fords seem to have very bad writeups about the reliability of the automatics. I have seen people recommend Japanese cars for automatics.

Nissan Almera Automatic - kal
make sure the car has a full and complete service history, a honda civic auto should also be on your list, better image, just as reliable but also a bit more expensive to buy and run.
Nissan Almera Automatic - blank

Have you found the Car-by-Car breakdown section? If not, the following link leads to HJ's comments on the Almera.

FWIW, my own opinion is that they are a great car spoiled by tediously dull styling. So if you want a great, reliable car that nobody will notice, its a good choice. I know nothing about the automatic box used in these cars though.

Nissan Almera Automatic - Aprilia
Good car and good gearbox (made by JATCO). Avoid Micras with CVT auto (lest you should be tempted when looking around).
Nissan Almera Automatic - Cardew
Much underated car. Reliable and good value - especially if you can find one privately. I echo what Aprilia said about the Micra CVT.


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