Peugeot 306 electric window regulator - andyrhysjones
The motor on my elctric window works fine but the glass has become detatched from its mount. I asked in a Peugeot garage and was told that the regulator would need to be replaced along with the motor as they are attached. Is there an easier cheaper way of makeing repairs.
Peugeot 306 electric window regulator - IanT
The window motor and the window lift rail is one assembly, as stated by your garage.

On my 1993 306, a plastic clip came off the end of the window lift rail and the motor cable came detached from the rail. The cable then get twisted inside the motor. Although I could refit the clip back onto the rail, it wasn't easy to untangle the cable. I ended up with this procedure:

1. Leave motor attached to door.

2. Drill the rivet out of the centre of the motor to remove its cover plate.

3. Pull cable spool out of motor and remove together with the lift rail.

4. Refit cable to lift rail.

5. Refit cable round cable spool.

6. Refit lift rail and put spool back onto motor (this required turning the motor with the window switch until the spool aligned properly).

7. Refix the motor cover plate by wrapping three plastic cable ties round it plus some Araldite (couldn't find a sensible way of re-rivetting it).

This fix has now lasted five years - but I used to lower the window completely twice a day to operate a car park barrier, and these days it only ever gets opened a little bit occasionally for ventilation!

Peugeot charged an arm and a leg for a replacement plastic door sealing sheet (£25 IIRC) - I would find something else if I was doing this again.

Peugeot 306 electric window regulator - Hawesy1982

My 306 has just done the exact same thing as yours did, Ian, this weekend. It is the same problem to the letter, but i get the feeling the spool inside the motor could well be ripped to shreds.

I'll look at it myself tonite, but if it is indeed beyond repair can you enlighten me on how much a second hand replacement would set me back from a scrappy? I'm assuming about a tenner, but comfirmation would be good.

Also, do you know if the motors (and indeed the whole assembly) is common to other models, such as the 406, 206 106? If so it will make my search much easier.


Peugeot 306 electric window regulator - IanT
Hi Hawesy. Sorry I can't help with replacement costs as my patched up repair is still going strong.

I think it's unlikely that bits from other models would fit since the motor and the rails are one assembly, which needs to be the right shape to fit the door mountings and the glass. But I don't really know.

Take a lot of care with that door sealing sheet, since any tears near the bottom will let rainwater leak into the footwell.

Peugeot 306 electric window regulator - Hawesy1982
Thanks anyway Ian,

At least ive got something to try before i go hunting through junk for a replacement!
Peugeot 306 electric window regulator - Andrew-T
Rainwater seals are the least of your problems - any piece of stout polythene cut to fit will do, provided you tuck the lower edge inside the inner door to shed the water in the right direction. I don't think door drain holes block up easily these days - at least not in my experience.


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