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lets fix britain - bogush
A new site starting up which might prove useful:

Anyone know of any similar sites?
No Thank You - Guy Lacey
Visited this web-site and they don't seem very tolerant of other peoples' activities that don't match their own.

Seeing as they used a noisy nightclub as an example of things they would close - definitely no thanks - this is my main hobby!
Re: No Thank You - Jonathan (on Holiday)
Don't worry, its a load of pap. If a nightclub was causing a problem, it could be shut down under nuisance laws, or planning laws, or licensing laws. No a very good example to use (typed in a scottish accent :-) ).

Re: No Thank You - HJ in transit in KL
Nothing wrong with noisy nightclubs unless you're a SAGA customer. But I'll still take a look at this site on my return.


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