Volvo V60 T3 - Vibration - Wayne Dibbley

I have had a V60 T3 with the 1.6 Ford engine for 3 months now.

I don't know if it is my imagination but I am sure there is more vibration at 2500 revs than there was before

It's high frequency low amplitude aand can be felt through the accelerator.

It could be that I just now drive it harder than when I first got it and didn't notice it before.

Has anyone any suggestions.

Volvo V60 T3 - Vibration - RobJP

Could quite easily be tyre wear.

Check the tyres - especially the fronts, and paying attention to the inside edges of the tyres.

Volvo V60 T3 - Vibration - Wayne Dibbley

Also happens whilst stationary Im afraid!

Volvo V60 T3 - Vibration - hardway

Your stateing you can reliably recreate this?

Well good,

Get it up in the air and a tech under it and it ought to be findable.


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