Seat Leon S TDi 90bhp - J500ANT
Can anyone answer me a couple of Leon related questions?

1- Does it have a diesel powered interior heater to overcome the slow warmup of TDi engines?

2- Ive read elsewhere that you can retrofit cruisecontrol on VWs and Skodas with this engine for about £150 using original parts, but has anyone done this on a Seat?

The car is a 2002/02 (and yet to be collected from the dealers!)

Seat Leon S TDi 90bhp - bertj
Same engine on some Passat's, Golf's etc. - I've never had any problem with slow warm up on any VAG group TDi or PDi engines.
Cruise control can be retro fitted using original parts but you will have to find a VW/Seat/Skoda dealer prepared to do it as the car computer needs re-coding as well as fitting the parts. If you fit the stalk etc. yourself beware of air bag connections.
There are a few independent companies that will fit add on cruise control but not recommended as they try to attach actuators to the accelerator pedal as control is 'fly by wire' with no cable.
I vaguely remember seeing an advert in a VW magazine for a company in Scotland that uses original parts and will recode the ECU - perhaps someone else will know about this.
Seat Leon S TDi 90bhp - mlj
I also have a Leon TDI 90bhp. It does not have the heater and yes, it does take longer than a petrol engine to transfer heat to cabin. About 4 miles os typical. See this as a reflection of the diesel engine's greater efficiency rather than a problem. Haven't thought about cruise control but have read in diesel car magazine varying stories of the practicalities. If you can find a garage that knows what it is doing, fine. Many though may tell you it can't be done. This does include VAG group dealers.

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