Vauxhall Omega - Marc
There seems to be lots of Omega related threads here with some people loving them, others hating them. I am considering changing my car (new shape Mondeo) and like the idea of a bigger engined rear wheel drive automatic. I have seen Vauxhall main dealers offering 03 plate 2.2 CD models (with met paint and auto) with 4 miles on for 15k. This is, I gather, about 5k off list - seems a lot of car for the money, but then I realise the Signum is going to replace it soon.

Is it really a daft idea to even consider one of these cars at "nearly new"?
Vauxhall Omega - Rob the Bus
Marc - if you're planning on keeping the car until it dies, and can afford to take the depreciation hit, then go for it!! It seems like a cracking deal and if I had the means at the moment, I'd be on their doorstep in the morning!


Watch out for squirrels' tails. Far too bushy for my liking.
Vauxhall Omega - Morris Ox

for £15k, this is an old, heavy design and the 2.2 engine is the only decent thing in it.

The Omega was a nice car in its time, but I'd only contemplate spending anywhere between £2-5k on a well-specced old one (say a 2.5 V6) with quite a few miles on. Even as nearly new it just doesn't make sense.

£15k can buy you so much more, even if you're going to keep it until the cows come home.
Vauxhall Omega - Crombster
£15k can also buy you far less! The only reason I opted for an S60 over another Omega was my fear of heavier depreciation (which is what you will get unfortunately).

Personally I would opt for the 2.6V6 and be more than happy with it. I think they are good looking big cars with space a plenty. An old design it may be but it's none the worse for it.

Take one for a spin and make your own mind up. Vauxhall have dropped the price quite substantially making them good value for money.

I was offered a brand new 2.6V6 CD Auto for £13999 btw - the deals are there for the taking.
Vauxhall Omega - Altea Ego
£13,999 or even £15k, for a brand new car in that class?

If you want a new car and all the depreciation that goes with it
they are cracking good deals


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