Daughters NCD taken after non claim - Mrs A Smith

Hi all, My daughter had an accident back in November. She hit a leasehold car from the back doing 5MPH at a junction. Her car recieved minimal damage to her bumper from the tow bar but the car she hit had no signs of anything. When the leasehold car was taken back the company were informed someone had nudged the back but no damage was evident.

My daughter has just had her insurance renewel in and it has gone up by £850 which was a complete shock and her 2yr NCD has been taken. After talking to her insurers ( general accident ) they said a case has been opened and they have no fixed time for it to be closed incase a claim is made against her.

I have rung the leasehold company and they are adamant that No futher action was or is to be taken and have shut their paperwork on that car. However the insurance company still want to boost the insurance and take the NCD............... Please HELP !!! is there anything i can do. Many thanks for any help.

Daughters NCD taken after non claim - Cris_on_the_gas

Did she claim for damage to her own car ?

Daughters NCD taken after non claim - Mrs A Smith

No she did not claim for any damage as was very minimal she just reported the accident.

Daughters NCD taken after non claim - Bromptonaut

How much of the increase is down to loss of NCD and how much to a rise in underlying premium? An at fault accident, even with no claim, is likely to lead to your daughter being assessed as a higher risk. Mine went up after a no fault accident where there was100% recovery. Having an accident apparently means you're statistically more likely to have another.

General Accident will (presumably) have a protocol to follow when there is a claim pending. That will include how long it's kept open for and the effect on NCD. Even if the lease company don't claim now it's theoretically possible a structural engineer might discover damage later. And then of course there's the can of worms around possibility that driver or passenger might claim for whiplash - or be induced to do so.

Can your daughter shop around for another provider?

Obviuosly she'd have to declare the accident but another company might take a different view in terms of underlying premium.

Daughters NCD taken after non claim - Mrs A Smith

The leasehold company are willing to send an email to state they are not taking further action ( in fact the car is no longer in their fleet as on 1st March they re newed their cars ) it is now 4 months since the accident, i am struggling to get a time period out of General Accident that they keep claims open for. I feel like im going round in circles :(

Daughters NCD taken after non claim - Palcouk

If the accident was reported then the NCD may be lost even if no third party has been paid out.

Sounds like GA is being somewhat obstinate, I woud suggest sending a recordered delivery letter to the CE, unfortunately if an insurance renewal is due, you will either have to pay up, or shop arround for another quote

Daughters NCD taken after non claim - skidpan

If there has been no claim/payouts and all that has ocurred is the driver has reported the incident to the insurers in accordance with normal requirements then the NCB should be reinstated, in truth it should never have been taken away. The insurers may choose to load the driver if they consider the risk has been increased but that is a different matter.

My wife had an incident in August when a van rear ended her. We reported it to the insurers but the 3rd party paid to have the repairs carried out (we suspect there was a problem with his cover) and we informed them accordingly. When the renewal came the incident was noted, the NCB was not affected and the premium had increased £3 form the previous year. I rang about the incident being noted yet no payout being made and they knocked £40 off.

Daughters NCD taken after non claim - 520i

Further illustration of why most people simply don't bother telling their insurers. Perhaps if those insurers would take the time to learn what 'no claim' means and stop shafting people, more drivers would be honest about it like they're supposed to be!


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