Help! Another problem with my Granada - Rob the Bus
Thanks very much to those who helped out with my last problems. The idling is sorted thanks to a thorough clean of the control valve, and a tankful of Optimax has all but cured the pinking.

BUT (you just knew that there'd be a but, didn't you?), yesterday evening it refused to start. It was turning over healthily enough so there was plenty of charge, but it just wouldn't catch. I park with the front of the car up to some greenery, so I knocked it into 'R' to push it back to get to the engine, then back into 'P'. I tried it again, just out of curiosity and it burst into life! It's been fine since. Was it just having a senior moment, or was it something else?

I was thinking that it may simply have been fuel vaporisation (the fuel pump is at the back and the sun was beating down on the car all afternoon) or perhaps a problem with the gearbox starting inhibitor?

Anyway, once again, over to you. Many thanks for your input!



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Help! Another problem with my Granada - frostbite
I would be fascinated to know, Rob, why you selected 'R' and not 'N' to push it?

Weren't trying to push start it, were you?
Help! Another problem with my Granada - Rob the Bus
>>Weren't trying to push start it, were you?

Hell, no Frostbite!! Believe me, I'm in no fit state to attempt to push start a car by myself! Anyway, (unless you're being t-i-c and I'm being too thick to see it!) I was under the impression you can't push start an automatic. It just happened that 'R' was the first position I got to that would allow me to push it back a foot. Plus, seeings as I was pushing it backwards, it seemed kind of logical!


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