Speed Cameras/Cloned cars - Bob Harris
I raised a topic of Speed Cameras on 16 Jul about my car going through a speed camera when I and car were hundreds of miles away. I got some interesting replies suggesting 'cloning' was widespread. I wrote to police and asked for evidence etc. Did not reveal my alibi as next time may not be able to prove innocence. Got back a standard "Dear Sir/Madam" letter saying after review they had decided to take no action. Not happy with that so replied asking what review had revealed.

However today got a Recorded Delivery letter from a car compound saying if I didn't collect my car they would dispose of it to recover charges! It transpires the car a W Reg Golf GTI Turbo (as is mine)with my VRN had been in compound for 1 month. One wonders why they waited a month for a newish car, especially when it was recovered from an estate where the life expectancy of alloys on a parked car can be measured in hours.

Police have checked that my car is genuine. Pity is that I now can't drive everywhere ignoring cameras etc as ready made excuse has gone.

The point of this is that their 'review' of the speeding offence is almost certainly a case of them not being bothered to spend the time on disputed cases.

Anyone else challenged a prosecution depending on static Speed cameras?
just joking....... - Mark (Brazil)
Why not go and collect it ? Even if its been there for a month its probably a whole bunch of cheap spares.

At least you can "prove" its yours and if your clever, you could probably speed all the way home !
Re: just joking....... - Bob Harris
I did think about it but the £170 recovery charge. 30+ days parking charge at £30 per day put me off!
Re: just joking....... - Mark (Brazil)
damn, am I ever in the wrong business !!

Somebody is making a ton of money.
Re: just joking....... - Stuart B
Why not point out to the insurance industry where it is and claim a reward?

just a thought
Re: just joking....... - Alvin Booth
That was brilliant..... Why didn't I think of it.
Come to think about it one of us could do it even now.
If only I had all the details.


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