Smeary car bodywork - chris2003

I've got a black 1997 Volvo S40 and when I clean and polish it I'm left with loads of smeary marks which can be seen when the sun shines directly on it.

I've seen these sort of marks on other cars as well and just wondered if anyone knows how to get rid of them?

I guess it just residue or traffic film or something. Is there anything to completely clear this off?


Smeary car bodywork - UncleR
A previous thread of mine may help...

Smeary car bodywork - chris2003
That's great! Just what I'm looking for.


Smeary car bodywork - KB.
Just a reminder, for the 3M Handglaze you need to go to a proper car paint and body refinishers supplies place, not Halfords or similar.

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