Cleaning Seats - midlifecrisis
Can anyone recommend a good cleaner for alcantara seats. I want to keep my in tip-top condition, but am a little worried about using anything that may be a bit harsh.
Cleaning Seats - No Do$h
Try the teflon cleaner/protector pack, available in Halfords for about £15. Brilliant stuff, comes with a very gentle cleaner which works superbly on some pretty unpleasant stains (think travel-sick 3 year old) and a can of teflon protectant to put on afterwards to stop it staining again.
Cleaning Seats - Ben79
I second that, I got some at the motor show; cleaner, protector, shampoo, polish and dash cleaner all for £12 from the Simoniz stand. Bargain.

Try the polish as well, water just beads like the car is made of wax. Keep it topped up with the shampoo and brake dust glides off wheel trims. Don't know about Alloys yet, only had the C5 with alloys for 2 days now...

Cleaning Seats - Oz
Curious about the Teflon Upholstery Cleaner component. If it does what it says on the can, you apply and allow the foam to penetrate, using a second application if necessary before applying the protector - but it isn't made clear how any stain etc. gets removed in the process. - ?
Oz (as was)
Cleaning Seats - No Do$h
Hi Oz,

Very light wipe with a clean dry sponge lifts away the stain. I always tend to clean an entire seat section rather than just the stain as it's surprising how dirty a "clean" seat is. By doing the whole panel you get a uniform colour once all the grime is out. (And this is with black seats!)
Cleaning Seats - Oz
Hi No Dosh,
I'm fussy to the extent of having Cannon mats on top of fitted mats, both on top of the OEM carpet. Ultimately the Cannon mats will be chucked away and replaced, but the other two layers will be kept pristine.
As to upholstery: mine is leather, but SWMBO's is fabric and will also get the benefit of the Teflon treatment. Thanks for the advice.
Oz (as was)
Cleaning Seats - slefLX
I don't know exactly what those seats are made of but if you want to try something that doesn't cost an arm and a leg and potentially could be healthier / safer, try there should be something on there to help.
Cleaning Seats - Cyd
Alcantara fails the Ford test for resistance to cleaning fluids. I'd therefore recommend you use nothing stronger than water (wet cloth) unless necessary.

I've recently come across 151 Instant Valet. I found some at my local discount store for 99p for 400ml aerosol. Couldn't believe how good it is, especially considering how cheap it was.
Cleaning Seats - J Bonington Jagworth
Thanks, Cyd - I've often wondered about that 151 stuff.
Cleaning Seats - Cyd
I've also since tried 151s Traffic Film Remover (also 99p for 400ml) and Drive Cleaner (very expensive this - £1.99 for 400ml). Both very good products. The drive cleaner shifted weeks old oil stains from my tarmac better than anything else I've tried that claims suitability for tarmac. I've also bought some of their carb cleaner but am yet to try it (next service in a couple of months).

As well as the standard range, my local discount store also stocks 151s Dream Machine range - my guess is that these may be "better" as they are a little more expensive, but I'm happy with the standard stuff so far.

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