Honda Jazz - Jazz again...sorry. - argybargy

Going to see this one this afternoon. Not sure about the colour, but the missus loves it, so what choice do I have?

I don't know what extras the ES plus has in comparison with the ES, but in our context I don't reckon it matters. I spoke to the salesman on the phone and he provisionally quoted a fairly generous part ex figure for mine. However, he clearly knows his "Powershifts" because he explained that he would have to drive ours before talking about any part ex. Which is fine, and in a way reassuring.

I'm hoping to do some kind of deal because its dearer than most of the others I've been looking at, but again, right spec and this time its an auto, so another plus.

I know we said the Jazz wasn't suitable because Mrs A struggled with the seats, but we've both agreed that a) I can put on my gentleman's hat and help her get in and out of the car a bit more, and b) ride comfort on medium and long journeys is a more important consideration than getting in and out of the car.

It will have 12 months MOT and 3 months standard warranty unless I can negotiate anything longer.

Any comments or suggestions between now and about 1pm this afternoon welcome.


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