'changing looms' - David Marchant
I was interested to read the letter from the Mondeo owner concerning heater problems. My wife's Seat Cordoba 1.6 (1994) has shown similar symptoms with the smell of acrid burning (although not that strong) and the fan switch is also unreliable. Sometimes all blower speeds work but at other times only some do. Has anyone else experienced this problem and solved it? David Marchant. djmat15@aol.com
Re: 'changing looms' - Dave N
The heater blower resistor sounds like it's on it's way out.
Re: 'changing looms' - M
I had a Fiat with this problem. The three speed fan would usually only work on full speed. The fan resistor was shaped like a coil spring about 4 inches long and
half an inch in diameter (attached to the rear engine bulkhead). This "spring"
was connected to a printed circuit which sent the current through the whole
resistor for the slowest fan speed setting, half of it for intermediate and bypassed it altogether for the fastest setting. The printed circuit had corroded,
so current wasn't getting through when the resistor was in the circuit. I soldered some wire between the connections to bypass the printed wires to cure the problem.

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