audi 100 air filter - guzzler
I've recently added an old audi 100 to the 'fleet'.
I thought I would change the plugs but could only get 4, so I decided to change the air filter instead.
When I removed the old one it was covered in oil, any ideas?
I cant see any obvious areas of oil leakinkg under the bonnet.
My second question is - how do you change the gap on these 3 electrode plugs - is it just a bit of a nuisance?
audi 100 air filter - Peter D
May be filter has been there a long time. The oil come from the breather. Check that you are con getting excessive venting by running the engine when hot with the air filter out so you can see/feel how much venting is going on. The plugs are pre set do not try to adjust these. Regards Peter

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