smoking mondeo - deck.lid
can anyone help, when i start my 1995 1.8 td it smokes like a kipper at idle, its ok when its warm and it does not smoke when its being driven (or revved up a bit). i have done some basics of changing the air/oil/fuel filters, changing the oil its self, had the idle speeds checked but it does still smoke. it starts pretty well and you dont need to throttle it to get it going any suggestions?

cheers dave
smoking mondeo - Railroad
You shouldn't need to use the throttle when starting on any car, especially a diesel.

What colour is the smoke? If it's black it's excessive burnt fuel, if it's blue then it's oil burning. Probably oil running down the valve guides overnight.

More likely it's whitish/grey, indicating unburned fuel/air and a problem with the cold start pre-heating system or low cylinder compression.

So make sure that all the glow plugs work. Glow plugs draw about 20amps each. Unfortunately most multi-meters only allow current tests up to 10amps, but if you could get an ammeter that reads up to 100amps or so you could use this and expect draw of about 80amps, decreasing as they warm up. This would be the best and easiest way to test them.

You could check each one individually for resistance with an ohmmeter. You should read a few ohms. Be sure to remove the link between them. You could also remove them and test them across the battery. If any of them don't work, replace them all.
smoking mondeo - Peter D
They should measure between 0.5 and 1 Ohm. Regards Peter
smoking mondeo - deck.lid
the smoke is a whitish colour, so i will check out the glow plugs etc. thanks for your help, i will be back for more info if it still persists

smoking mondeo - mj
My mondeo td emits white smoke on the colder mornings once i have got it to start. No problem at all now it is warmer deffinately glow plugs i will get them changed before winter.I put the smoke down to poor combustion once the affending glowplug or piston cylinder warms up the smoke disappears this only happens for 3 seconds thats it
smoking mondeo - clariman
Perhaps it's trying to become an E-Type Fag !!
smoking mondeo - glowplug
Just fitted new BERU plugs to my 405 TD. The difference to starting and cold idling is dramatic. The Champion ones that come out can't have been in long, they look like new.


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