Volvo 480 Turbo - andy sampson
Just bought a 'J' plate Volvo 480 Turbo, anyone got any good / bad story's to keep me amused/horrified!!!

Bye the way great web site, keep it up!!!!
Volvo 480 Turbo - David Lacey
Oh dear!

One of these cars really kept us busy a few years ago!!

Not wanting to paint a bad picture (all cars have their bad points and weaknesses) but this Volvo really *annoyed* us

It would sometimes fail to start - eventually traced to the electronic ignition 'pack' situated on the N/S of the engine bulkhead. Took ages to diagnose and much inconvenience to the customer. Even the Volvo Main Agent couldn't diagnose it.

The clutch is a nightmare to replace

The exhaust front pipe is a real swine to remove/replace.

Engine core plugs leak - there are 3 or 4 situated on the rear face of the engine and these are a real pig to access!! Many a grazed knuckle here....

Make sure the correct spark plugs are used - we used what was listed in the 1999 NGK catalogue and the car ran like a pig!! Put a set of genuine plugs in and all was well. (This tip came from our local independant Volvo Specialist - - very helpful) We got to know Steve & Tim @ Formula cars quite well.

Front suspension bushes wear and will require bush replacement - fairly easy job though

Rear disc brake caliper has to be retracted when fitting new pads using an unconventional method - don't wind the piston back as you would normally do. There is a hex plug on the rear of the caliper - remove this an wind the piston back using the drive located below this plug. Otherwise the calipers will be rendered as scrap!
Been there, done it and got the T shirt!

Other than that, it isn't a bad car, the Renault? engines are strong and will go on and on


Re: Volvo 480 Turbo - Dan

I would guess that the 480's (esp Turb's) are rarely owned, being a strange offering from volvo in the first place. (Just do a search on the net and you get a deafening silence, apart from the Netherlands and a few ropey homesites)

I happen to have just bought a J reg' turbo this month as well!
Needed a bit of work :
Brakes frnt
All tyres
Rear shocks
Rear brake pipe
Various bulbs
Massive gearbox leak
(reason for sale was new family additions but more likely the imminent MOT!!)

Non-essential work included:
New cam-belt
Rocker gasket

Apart from that its perfect!
(except a strange little whine - see my other post)

I really like this car. What condition is yours in/any problems and may l ask what ball-park figure you got it for?
Also how do you find the turbo, l heard a lot people say the boost pressure doesn't get beyond the 12 o'clock mark on the guage.

'Nuff questions, happy driving.

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