RetroFit Air Conditioning - Sparky
I want to retrofit Air Conditioning to my 2001 Alfa 156 1.8, I understand it'll probably cost me over a grand to do it but does anyone know of any reputable firms that do this in the North-West? I have only found references to companies based in the deep south, kent n all that..
RetroFit Air Conditioning - DavidHM
How come it doesn't have it already? Is it an import? If not, wouldn't it be cheaper to flog it and buy another one with air, possibly at auction?
RetroFit Air Conditioning - Sparky
yes it is an import and I chose to get leather n alloys n bodykit over a basic model with air-con for same price.. now I want it all! I have the rare luck of having a very reliable 156 at the moment (touch wood) and would rather pay the cash to retrofit air con and keep the car than buying a more typically unreliable 156 with air-con..
RetroFit Air Conditioning - LHM
I'd take my time over choosing the outfit to do the job. There's quite a bit of work involved - in addition to the refrigeration components (compressor/condensor/evaporator/drier/hoses), there's the question of wiring looms, ECU programming, display/control box, dash/heater removal.........!

Some companies will fit an 'aftermarket' system, whilst others will try for an 'OEM'-type installation. I'd prefer the latter, but the former would be cheaper.

I'm not trying to put you off, as A/C is a nice option to have, just make sure the company is up to the job!
RetroFit Air Conditioning - T Lucas
I used to buy cars from a company called Diavia that retrofitted a/c to cars,they could not even get there own fleet cars a/c to work properly.I really like a/c,but i don't think i would ever take the chance to have it retro fitted,way too much work,and way too many things to get broken and lost and then thrown away.

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