Car not in use - what to do? - top turkey
The current Mrs T and I are execting a new arrival within the next few days, and there is a chance that Mrs T will be unable to drive for up to 7 weeks after. Yep, it's looking like a 9 pounder!

Should I do anything with her car during this time to ensure that bits don't seize up? It is a Fiesta, 1.25 Zetec, S Reg with about 33k on the clock.

My only thought was to give it a blast up the A38 to Lichfield and back once a week (about 10 miles).


Car not in use - what to do? - Dave_TD
That should do just fine, make sure you check the tyre pressures when you take it out, run the aircon if fitted, and only put it back in the garage when it's dry.
Before you start it, it would make sense to check the oil and water, open and close all doors and windows once, and once you're moving to run through things like washers and wipers. Other than that, I can't see there being any problems.
Car not in use - what to do? - top turkey
Sounds like good advice to me DTD, thanks very much.

Car not in use - what to do? - Armitage Shanks{P}
HJ's FAQs no 36 has the full story. See the link on the left and away you go!

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