306 Central locking - slinks
I have a 306 with which the key fob does not remote lock the car. I have replaced the battery and it still does not. After a trip to a peugeot garage today i was told it was not the key but another reason. he could not tell me what reason but suggested they would have to take out and change the control, sensor box. I have no idea what he is talking about or how much it could cost. Any ideas
306 Central locking - Mark (RLBS)
Does the keyfob do anything else that suggests it may be working ? Like switching on the alarm for example.

Which year/model is your car ?
306 Central locking - slinks
the red light lights up but other than that no nothing.
Its a 1995 M reg
306 Central locking - Dynamic Dave
You can test the keyfob to see if working or not by placing near a radio turned to an empty mw/am station. The keyfob transmits an infra-red signal when pressed and if it is working you should hear either blips or bleeps coming out of the loud speaker. You have to position the keyfob in the right place for the radio to pick up the signal. To find out where this is, use a working tv remote control unit first.

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