Cam Belt changes - Wales Forester
Taking my 1.8 petrol Escort to have it's cambelt changed at the Ford main agent, they've told me i'll need to drop it off this evening instead of tomorrow morning as it has to stand for a few hours first.
Is this true? If so why?
I'm guessing that they'll push the car onto the ramps in the morning?!

Cam Belt changes - Dynamic Dave
I posted this some time ago, regarding cambelts on Ford diesel engines, but no one ever confirmed/denied it.

Not sure if the same applies to Petrol engines or not.
Cam Belt changes - Wales Forester
There must be someone in here that can give us a definitive answer Dave, come on all you Ford fitters, speak now or forever hold your peace!
Cam Belt changes - Dynamic Dave
I know when I changed the cambelt on my old Cavalier, there were two settings on the belt tensioner. One if a new belt is used, and another setting if the same belt was used - say if you only changed the waterpump. Also the manual does say that the belt must only be changed when the engine is cold. Presumably if you change the belt when the engine is hot, then the tension will be incorrect when the engine is cold due to expansion/contraction of the engine block and head - hence the belt will be too loose. A loose belt on cold start up can \"chatter\" and worse case senario jump a tooth or two, and if the belt is getting on a bit could be liable to snap.
Cam Belt changes - M.M
OK the trade info I would follow for the 1.8 diesel is to allow the car to cool for 3-5hrs. These engines are fitted with auto-tensioners and the way my guidelines are written it appears to say they have an element of temperature compensation built into the device.

You can see from that fitting a new (cold) tensioner onto a hot engine would be the worse possible situation.

With the reputation these (diesel) engines have for munching timing belts every possible bit of advice should be followed.


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