Pug 306 strange noises - kickdustben
I drive an L reg 306 1.4XR, its done about 90k miles. 2 days ago i noticed a kind of knocking/vibration noise, seeming to come from the left hand front side of the car. the noise increases in time with the speed of the wheels and is most noticable under engine braking; yet it continues to make the noise when freewheeling with the engine off and out of gear. The noise seems to dissapear under acceleration.

I'd rather not have to take it to a garage as being a student means my finances are limited.

Any ideas??

thanks in advance
Pug 306 strange noises - Dynamic Dave
Is the noise still there when cornering? Find an empty carpark and drive around in a circle on full lock in both left and right directions and see if the noise is louder one way or the other. From what you\'re saying, it sounds like a CV joint has gone.
Pug 306 strange noises - r0nn13
I also have a 1994 306 XR 1.4 (72k) and my car makes similar noises. Mine is more of a rubbing noise which affects the speed of the engine and it also seems to come from the left side of the car, but it also makes knocking noises when driving it hard or round corners but when the car is at speed the noises also disappear.

I was informed by a local garage that is was a 'differential' or possibly a main gearbox problem. It sounds like there is not enough oil, although I have monitored my oil level and it is fine so that kind of rules out the main gearbox as it draws its oil from the main reserve.

When revving the engine with the clutch fully depressed and then releasing the clutch fully the car has a small delay and then the car jerks forward into action which points towards the gearbox again.

I also found information on the CV Joint and gearbox on the web (c a r s u r v e y . o r g):-

"NSF CV joint failing as it squeals when I go round corners. It has stopped right now, but have been quoted near £200 to get it fixed as you need a complete drive shaft. "

"I have gone though 2 gear box's the first. was the teeth from 3rd gear going though the side off the gear box and the second was the diff went on the recon box that I put in it. "

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