Driving Instructor Grades - Miller
If I understand correctly driving instructors are rated 1-6 according to their ability. Does it depend on their test scores they obtain on becoming an instructor or overall experience/pass rate %?

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Driving Instructor Grades - Tom Shaw
Driving Instructors are graded by a Supervising Examiner who sits in on a lesson given to one of the instructors pupils. This is known as a Check Test, and is mandatory for all ADI's as a condition of registration.

Grades 1 - 3 means the instructor has given a sub-standard lesson, and must be check tested again within three months. Failure to reach a satisfactory standard on this test means that those graded 1 and 2 are removed from the register. Grade 3 instructors are given one more chance to improve.

The pass grades are 4, adequate level of instruction and retested every two years, 5 good 6 excellent. Both the higher grades are retested every four years.

Pass rates form no part of the grading system.
Driving Instructor Grades - slefLX
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Driving Instructor Grades - slefLX
To get their grades they have regular check test lessons where an examiner will sit in on a lesson at, I think a pre-arranged time and the examiner then marks that lesson and grades them accordingly.

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