Driving too slowly on Motorway - mfarrow
Can someone be done for driving too slowly on a dual-carriageway/motorway? Does this count as dangerous driving, even in the inside lane?

Just trying to settle an argument :-)

Mike Farrow
Driving too slowly on Motorway - Tom Shaw
Yes, it is an offence to drive at a speed which obstructs the progress of other traffic and people have been convicted for this. There is no set figure as to how slow would get you into trouble, but I would think that anyone crawling along at 30mph on a motorway could expect a pull.
Driving too slowly on Motorway - dave18
What's worse is joining too slowly.
Driving too slowly on Motorway - Dwight Van Driver
Agree with your sentiments Tom and encountering it my thoughts would turn to driving without reasonable consideration for other persons using the road. As to whether a conviction could be obtained, or has been, is another matter. There is no minimum speed limit on a Motorway.

In comparison last year on the A.59 from the A.1. towards Harrogate for a number of miles a slow moving tractor held back an ever increasing number of other roadusers over considerable mileage. With witnesses to this fact, the driver was summoned for reasonable consideration and the Magistrates dismissed the case.

Again it would depend on the circumstances, the danger presented, witnesses and an understanding Bench.

Driving too slowly on Motorway - Another John H
AIUI there _is_ a minimum speed limit on a motorway...

It's 30 MPH
Driving too slowly on Motorway - Nsar
I recall reading that in Canada if you cause more than 4 cars to be impeded by your speed it's an offence and you must pull over. Think of that as you gaze at the rear end of the fifth car behind that caravan up ahead this Easter.
Driving too slowly on Motorway - blowpipe
You get around seven warnings of a motorway exit, the majority of which are followed by an entry sliproad. I never cease to be amazed by motorists in the nearside lane slowing and braking when a car 'suddenly' joins the motorway ahead of them. Slow driving is often combined with a total lack of foreward planning.
Driving too slowly on Motorway - Tom Shaw
No minimum speed limit on any road, John, unless it is signed accordingly. (White figures on a blue circular sign)
Driving too slowly on Motorway - Gen
I suspect you would only be in trouble if you were doing 20 in the outside lane...
Driving too slowly on Motorway - Rob the Bus
Especially if the car in front was doing 10...;-)
Driving too slowly on Motorway - Dynamic Dave
AIUI there _is_ a minimum speed limit on a motorway...
It's 30 MPH

In that case why is the M25 called a motorway? I aways thought the max speed anyone managed on the M25 was 30mph.
Driving too slowly on Motorway - Dave_TD
When Stuart Blaydon did a London-Barcelona economy run in a Citroen AX diesel, he got a fine for driving at 31mph on a French autoroute, as the minimum there is 37mph.
Driving too slowly on Motorway - blank
AX diesel ... 31mph on a French autoroute

A braver man than me!!
Driving too slowly on Motorway - Another John H
I'm not sure where I'd got the idea of the minimum figure from:
looked in the book - sure enough, _no_ lower limit.

My mistake.
Driving too slowly on Motorway - Ian (Cape Town)
the white-on-blue minimum is very common here - especially on motorways, and near 'security-risk' places like refineries, harbours etc.
In fact, referring back to a previous thread re red-light districts, there were plans to make a few of them 'minimum speed zones' and red-line them, in an effort to book the punters!
Driving too slowly on Motorway - Danxxx
Cars that drive at 30-50mph on a motorway are stupid. There is no need to drive this slowly (except if the conditions are bad or it's slow movinf traffic anyway) These cars just hld up traffic and are more of an annoyance than cars that travel at 100mph - at least they don't hold you up.
Driving too slowly on Motorway - leatherpatches
I think tractors are the real menace. They very rarely get above 30mph, even on dual carriageway and during the rush hour, can cause serious congestion.

The idiots that drive them haven't learnt when are the best times to take them onto the highway either. Either that or they are so beligerent that they actually enjoy all the chaos they induce.

Anyway, I've started a tractor specific thread here:

Driving too slowly on Motorway - peterb
"What's worse is joining too slowly."

This drives me 'round the bend.

I'm quite prepared to be patient when following a slow accelerating vehicle (HGV, classic car, Nissan Serena), but several times recently I've been following someone in a powerful, modern car who's barely hit 40mph when merging with the M Way. The slow acceleration is a particular problem if the sliproad is short (e.g. when leaving some service stations on the M1).

Driving too slowly on Motorway - Obsolete
I've had several cases of someone moving from the hard shoulder to lane 1 while doing less than 20 mph. Downright dangerous if you ask me. They don't realise that they should get up to speed on the hard shoulder and then merge.
Driving too slowly on Motorway - Greg Parker
My opinion is that on the motorways inexperienced drivers drive too fast and do not keep their distance. I see people driving 90mph and cannot stay in their lane and drive on the line. This is too fast as that person has no control of that vehicle. This is the driving I really dislike;

If drivers were aware of the braking distance in the event of an emergency, they would probably drive at 70mph and keep a good distance between cars.

Also, I have no problem of slow drivers on the motorway at 50mph. It could be that they are scared to go faster because they lack experience in which case this is sensible.

What I do hate are fast, uncontrollable tailgaters who drive beyond their capabilities. They cause a nuisance and a lot of stress to drivers. I would prefer that they drove at 50mph because that is the only speed they can drive at safely.

I used to drive fast on motorways and one day I thought that that if I drive constantly at a reasonable speed, I will save fuel and reduce tyre wear (and engine wear will fall). I tried this for some days and fuel economy rose from 430miles to a tank to 650miles per tank.

So, I now drive on motorways at 60mph during the day and 55mph at night time when roads are empty. I just think of the idiots who drive their own cars at high speeds all the time. They just waste their money which ultimately goes to Gordon Brown. And since they probably only drive up motorways for less than 100miles, they are only saving 10 minutes at most on their journey.

Do not get me wrong, in the right conditions I do drive quickly on the motorways if I am in a rush or to clear out the injectors to improve engine efficiency. However, I only condone drivers who drive beyond their ability or those who constantly rush around tailgating and wasting their hard earned cash.

Driving too slowly on Motorway - Marcos{P}
"So, I now drive on motorways at 60mph during the day and 55mph at night time when roads are empty"

Sorry Greg but I read the above first and then the rest and thought you plonker.

I then read the rest and I couldn't agree more with you. That will teach me to speed read.

I dont drive at 60mph all the time but like you I have found that in most cases speeding along in the outer lane on a busy motorway will not get me anywhere quickly. I have slowed down considerably in the past few months and have found I get less stressed, save fuel and have less chance of getting pulled for speeding again.

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