Which spark plug? - mal
Have bought a set of plugs for a 92 Honda Civic 1.5 Lsi.
According to the haynes manual they should be Champion RC9YCC4, which I have in at present.
According to the supplying motor factors they should be
RC8YCC4 which is what their Champion application chart states it
to be.
The plugs look the same from the washer down but above the washer they are different. One has more metal above the washer than the other.
What is the difference between them and should I fit them ?.

Regards Mal.
Which spark plug? - John S

As they are both RC(X)YCC4, then the plugs are dimensionally similar, with the same copper electrodes. So, they will fit without problems. The change from 9 to 8 means the new plugs are slightly 'colder'- they conduct heat away faster.

Now, the Haynes manual may be out of date, the spec for your car might have changed, or the Champion list may be wrong, or appply to a later model. Always a problem, as I suspect the car's own manual lists japanese plugs, and getting exact comparisons with other makes can cause problems. Check if the Champion list is up to date, and also ask if they've got a spark plug comparison chart and check the Champion equivalent to the OE plugs listed in the car's manual.


John S
Which spark plug? - Robin the Technician
According to the latest Unipart parts information catalogue (where I work) the plug specified for your car is GSP 2114 which is the same as RC9YCC4. This is also confirmed in the NGK and Champion reference books. Take the plugs back to the factor and get them changed for the right ones.
Hope this helps
Which spark plug? - mal
Thanks John and Rob.
Will take them back and get them changed for the right ones, for the second time I might add, first ones were for the the 1.8 VTI!. (according to them).

I have been told by the garage that has been replacing a broken coil-spring on the same car that what I have experienced is par-for-the-course with a lot of suppliers today.

Thanks Mal.
Which spark plug? - lauriew
Mal. I would ignore what Haynes says and stick to the plugs as recommended by your engine maker,even though they maybe more costly.If they recommend them then you will be OK.
Whilst Champion spark plugs are good, they are not suitable for all cars.
Which spark plug? - mal
Well, I took the plugs back today and they still insisted they were the correct ones so to prevent what was nearly turning into an argument over who was right I asked if they had the NGK plugs as stated in the handbook.

Result, they had the NGK plugs, they got 50p more out of me, and I went away happy.

Plugs now fitted and car is still running well after 169000 miles.

Thanks and regards Mal.

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