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Don't forget that a recent study has found that some new Direct Injection Petrol Cars, actually put out more damaging particulates than pre-DPF diesels!. One fact found from these tests was that an EU6 petrol was actually found to be far more damaging to health than an EU5 Diesel. But I suspect the G'ment won't tell you that now they are on something of a revenue roll.They'll just get around to penalising you for owning one at a later date.


So, swapping a diesel car for a petrol may only be a short lived reprieve, in relation to where the Tax crosshairs are going to be pointed next. I wouldn't be surprised, if after everybody has moved back to Petrol, Cities start charging for some newer Petrol cars to enter them too, and so the big old tax revenue circle continues. I suspect the move to fit all new petrol cars with particulate filters, and the fact that some manufacturers such as VW are already starting to do so, adds creedance to the article, so I wouldn't be too quick to swap cars just yet.

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Might push buyers towards electric at that point but only when government has figured out how to charge tax on this source of power. Red electricity?

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