One for the Citroën fans - DavidHM
A car seen for sale (not mine) in the Autotrader....

black, 5 door, 6 months tax, long MoT, 4x e/w, c/l, p/s, a few knocks & dents, hence excellent price. £395.

beautys & beasts

Price: £395

Black? Diesel? Automatic? Dents? Anyone else think this ad screams EX TAXI? If not it\'s got to be worth the money.
One for the Citroën fans - Clanger
No mileage eh? Bet it's astronomical.

My XM was vitually faultless over 150K miles, but try telling that to some owners.

One for the Citroën fans - Gen
At that money I'd look more at bodywork condition, tyres and exact length of MOT than mileage though. Though isn't it the suspension that's the expense on that car?

Amazing what bargains there is though. That could be there with 60k FCSH and the owner just selling at 395 because offered 250 on PX. It happens.
One for the Citroën fans - PhilW
"Though isn't it the suspension that's the expense on that car?"
Funnily enough, it's not mentioned on HJ's car by car breakdown, and in my experience (16 years of hydro-pneumatic Cits) the suspension rarely if ever causes a problem barring the occasional replacement of spheres. Maybe I've been far!
One for the Citroën fans - Mondaywoe
Citroen suspension tends to strike fear into many because of its complexity. In actual fact, however, individual parts are relatively cheap. Often very minor problems cause spectacular symptoms - eg a stuck link can make the front or rear rise up to comical levels. It looks expensive, but just a quick dash of oil and a few tugs on the lever brings everything back on an even keel. Older ones had problems with rusting pipes, but again, individually, they are cheap to replace. Wholescale replacement would probably result from negligence - but similar negligence on any car would cause equally expensive results.

Remember too that sphere replacement is a doddle - much less hassle sometimes than replacing conventional springs and dampers. What's more, after replacement, the suspension is 'good as new' - something you would only get on a conventional suspension with complete replacement of springs etc - not cheap and not easy!

Having said all that,I now have a C5 with electronic control of the hydraulics - possibly a different proposition as it ages - time will tell!

(Nothing moves you like a Citroen, but prunes come a close second.)

One for the Citroën fans - Ben79
I think that it appears that Hydropneumatics require little maintenance, but more often than springs.

I'm not sure if there is anything in the C5 that would put me off buying a 2002 model.

One for the Citroën fans - Mondaywoe
Yes, occasional lubrication and checking for leaks.

Citroen claim (as I recall) that the C5 suspension is 'maintenance free' for 5 years. They say the spheres and associated parts are manufactured to much higher tolerances than before. Hmmm, we'll see!

C5 - owner(ship) - davo

Be interested to learn;

1 Which model do you have?
2 What year, miles done so far?
3 Any problems and how well sorted?
4 Are the residual problems people harp on about evident with yours?


C5 - owner(ship) - Mondaywoe
Right Davo!

It was bought new last April, but built July 2001 - so a pretty early model in fact! It's a 2.2HDI Exclusive (manual). So far I've done about 15,000 miles.Here's what the year's been like....

Initially, the suspension was very hard (not noisy as many owners reported) It was fitted with the full upgrade pack (revised back spheres and sound deadening kit) This made it much more acceptable. I wouldn't say it's as soft and comfy as my previous Xantia - but then handling is much better.Handbrake was modified at the same time.

Actual 'faults' are few and far between

1 Back seatrest rattled a bit, but was fixed by dealer at first

2. Gearshift is notchy (especially when cold). Dealer has ordered a new gaiter (not arrived yet) Personally I think a change of oil might do more good, but we'll try the gaiter first. It's not desperately bad though.

3. (Odd one!) The gear knob has a metal insert and it is coming away from the knob itself very slightly - revealing a sharp edge. New knob on order!

4. Occasional 'electrical storms'.Dealer calls it 'ghosting'. This takes the form of error messages coming up on the central screen, or in one case, the front windows refusing to close properly! These problems have been very easily fixed, though - disconnecting the battery for a few seconds reset the windows and changing a back indicator bulb where the glass had come adrift from the cap fixed the error messages.In both cases, I did this myself without having to take the car back to the dealer.

To my mind, all of this has been pretty minor in the grand scheme of things.The car has never broken down. It's only been in the dealers twice since bought - the 'Free' service and the 12,500 miles service. 'Upgrades' were done at the same time.

My dealer is very good - listed on Honest John's list of 'good garages'. They are well up to speed with the C5 and extremely willing to get things absolutely perfect.They have a noticeboard in reception plastered with letters of appreciation from grateful customers - many of whom are 'refugees' from other Citroen dealers! (By the way, they are in the north of Scotland, so don't all rush at once!)

One for the Citroën fans - mj
My wife runs a 1.9d citroen zx,having in the past owned mondeo,rover,escort,orion i can safely say the citroen has the nicest ride of them all and this car has shocks and springs, as for sphere changes find a good independent specialist
One for the Citroën fans - Reggie
When I was out the other week, I noticed a Citroen C5 that was parked on a hill nose up, and the front end was going up, pausing, and going down, pausing, going up..........etc etc, and although the height that it kept going up by seemed to be slowly decreassing, it went on for over 10 minutes that I was witness to. The car was not occupied.Why was this?
One for the Citroën fans - PhilW
Doing a few warm-up exercises before transporting its owner to work?
Doing a self test (or something like that) before starting (bit like my computer?
DiY suspension service? (cheaper than dealer rates)
Showing off?
Entertaining people with nothing better to do than stand and watch an empty car???!! (sorry!!)
And another One for the Citroën fans - PhilW
And another One for the Citroën fans - Dave_TD
Which was originated on the 1st of April...

I can well believe it though, I know of a G reg Peugeot 405 (same engine!) still going at 700,000 miles.
And another One for the Citroën fans - Morris Ox
On another thread, HJ talks about the amount of resource which goes into the BR and the problems this is causing his hard-up site.

If he banned use of the word 'Citroen' he'd be quids in...
And another One for the Citroën fans - PhilW
I'll prove Morris wrong thought I so I did a quick search or two
Citroen gets 15908 references on this site
Ford 2740
Rover 2205
Mercs 1064
Speed 4071
cameras 980
VW 0
Draw your own conclusions, but mine is naturally that that's an incredible amount of praise for Cits!!
And another One for the Citroën fans - Morris Ox
Totally misleading, Phil.

What you failed to take into account is that many Citroen drivers call their cars 'Daisy' or 'Dobbin'.
One for the Citroën fans - Mondaywoe
C5 equivalent of Epilepsy! Unlike older Cits, the C5 has it's hydraulics pressurised by an electric pump (this allows for full electronic control of course.) It starts limbering up as a door is opened or as weight transfers within the car. !(With older Cits you waited until the pressure got up from the engine driven pump.)My favourite party trick is opening the boot and sitting on the lip - the car initially goes down, then responds to my weight and lifts me right back up again!

A few owners have reported this strange phenomenon.(Can't say I've seen my one doing it, though.)

Remember that it could be something very simple - a door not completely shut maybe.

It has to be remembered that C5s are constantly reacting to 'stimuli' on various sensors - rainfull, temperature, lighting conditions, ride height, roll, pitch etc. Anything from a passing shower to a passing cat could send a signal to the computers.

It seems they stay 'alive' for at least 30 minutes after switching off. Certainly, if you sit with the radio on, it goes into 'economy mode' after roughly this time. Also, as you sit in the car (ignition off) you'll see things like the speedometer needle twitching and relays clicking away!

On diesels with the particle filter, EOLYS fluid is pumped into the main tank the first time you switch off after a refill. Unused fuel might also be being pumped back to the tank from the engine.

The aircon would also be draining off condensation etc, so there is often a gurgle or two.

If a window is left open and it starts to rain, the car closes it automatically.

These cars truly have a life of their own! They live and breathe, respond to the environment and act almost as a complete organism!

(We are not worthy)

One for the Citroën fans - Reggie
Thankyou for that Graeme. Very enlightning. I was out in the Dales and sat down for a rest when I saw the C5 take on a life of its own, going up and then down etc,etc. I was very impressed (being an ex BX owner), but couldn't work out where the energy was coming from to keep lifting up what is quite a heavy car. I assumed that the fact it was parked uphill, nose up probably had something to do with it.
Also a very good reply from PhilW, made me laugh.

One for the Citroën fans - Ben79
My favourite party trick is opening the boot and sitting on
the lip - the car initially goes down, then responds to
my weight and lifts me right back up again!

It's even better when you can find a car that will do that in the showroom!!

Get a friend to sit on the boot lip with you for added enjoyment!

Feel your feet being lifted off the floor!

Am I sad?
One for the Citroën fans - Rob the Bus
Answers on a postcard...
One for the Citroën fans - Gen
So I guess in a year or two when batteries not tiptop new all C5 owners will be coming back to a dead battery. Nice.
One for the Citroën fans - Mondaywoe
Nope - car automatically goes into 'economy mode' to maintain adequate voltage!
One for the Citroën fans - Ben79
The same happens when you leave the courtesy light on.

Little brothers = big bother.



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