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Hit and run - nesta whiteley

So my car was hit and run on the 16th and the driver failed to stop i was made aware of this by my neighbour i have a witness to the incident and the drivers registration i reported this to the police straight away they said they will look into it and get back to me they got back to me within a couple of hour and said all i can do is prosecute which i chose not to i informed my insurer who said i would need to make a claim on my own insurance to repair the car which i dont really want to do i have done a mib check and informed his insurer of the incident and they had no account of it because the over party has obviously not reported it

what should i do in this incident my insurer are looking to put the third party at fault but i dont want my ncb to be effected my insurer and his insurer have the witnesses details and the police log no. i could go down the v888 form route but i think it will be a waste of time.

he has not paid his vehichle tax in over half a year.

Hit and run - RobJP

Why did you choose not to go ahead with details for the prosecution ?

I'd suggest you re-visit that decision now. You then go through all that, you then can claim properly against the other driver.

The car tax is irrelevant in this case.

Hit and run - Palcouk

If your parked car was damaged by a vehicle that failed to stop, or subsequently report the incident, then unless you proceed with the Police accident report, you will either have to pay for any repairs yourself or make a claim with your insurers.

Reporting the incident to the other partys insureres will not result in any action, it has to be reported by the insured driver.

Hit and run - RichardW

Not really....

Provided you are confident in your witness and identification of the car; get the keeper's details from DVLA, then write to them holding them responsible for the accident, and if they do not cough up or put it in the hands of their insurers then you will sue them in the small claims. Like I said, you need to be confident of your witness, i.e. that they will stand up in court and confirm that they definitely saw car XYX hit yours and cause the damage. If you've got legal protection on your car insurance they may pursue this for you (although that may get the accident management sharks involved....)

Hit and run - TheBroker
I had this happen to me, reported to police with offenders details, they were done in court and their insurer paid up. Simples
Hit and run - A Driver since 1988, HGV 2006

They are right, I am amazed you did not report it if you are not blameworthy and I am not suggesting an opinion either way, In all insurance claims where criminal negligence may apply no claim can be dealt with over a 3rd party unless it is reported to the police, make sure you get the crime reference number.

If they drove of that is an offence it itself, and if they did intend to do it legally then they would not have driven off.

Either way your insurers have to be informed which you have done so you are covered legally in that regard, the real question is for you which is cheaper, the cost of repairs or the increase in your premiums and the loss of your no claims ??

Finally, even if you report it to your insurers there is nothing to stop you from fixing it yourself or with a garage.

I was out with a drivers mate once in the truck and he showed concern that we might get pulled by the police, I said to him I dont care if we do, I am licensed with all my cpc in date etc, the veh is insured etc, and I was totally legal on the road, the point is that the only people that don't report collisions are those who have something to hide, just like those who object to police presence on the road are those who are upto no good.


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