Vw Golf 1.6 tdi - Shake on deceleration??? - Roy Brown

I have my Golf 1.6 tdi almost 2 years and have never had no probelms with it. However I have noticed more recently when accelerating from example, 50/55 to 60, and letting off the pedal there is a shake/slight judder???

I am confident it is not the alloys/tyres as are they are brand new and have been balanced before being put on, I also got the standard alloys rebalanced but again no difference. I have had the car plugged in with the latest version of VCDs but no codes are apparent.

I happened to have to go further the other day to get fuel, and the fuel warning light came on with 35 miles reading until empty. I am almost positive this shake had went away when this happened, but once filled up again it reappeared.

Has anybody come across this before?

Vw Golf 1.6 tdi - Shake on deceleration??? - JEREMYH

Just a simple question first Roy I would be running this car on V power or BP ultimate if your not already I would try it for a while ? It does makes a difference on a Turbo desiel

If its any consolation the floor shakes when you put your foot down in a fararri too !!!!!!!!!

Vw Golf 1.6 tdi - Shake on deceleration??? - Roy Brown

I live in N.Ireland so Shell and BP garages are not something that are everywhere here unlike mainland. Ive been using fuel from Applegreen for about 10 months now and know many people getting it from the same place with no complaints. I would tend to put some millers diesel additive in once every 5 or so full tanks as ive had good results before with it.

Unfortunatly the shake is when 'lifting off' rather than putting the foot down

Vw Golf 1.6 tdi - Shake on deceleration??? - Peter.N.

CV joint?


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