Noisy PAS - FFX-DM
My Citroen ZX developed a slight leak recently, which the garage informed me was power steering fluid and nothing to worry my pretty little head about.

A couple of weeks later, the PAS starts making complaining noises when I am steering the car round sharp bends. Not on total wheel lock, as I understand that it is normal for PAS to be noisey at the extremes of the turning circle, but on just nromal turn into parking space type stuff.

The garage blokey topped it up for me (it had gone down but not loads) and said that it did appear to be noisey and now it is booked in for them to look at this Thursday.

As I know nowt about PAS, is there anything I should watch out for to avoid B/S from the garage and also unnneccessary work? Anything I should ensure to check that they have done? I noticed that the fluid is a bit murky, should it be clean and clear or is a bit brown acceptable?

The garage are nice enough but I have caught them out a couple of times in the past, so I want to be well informed on the subject so I can spot 'Friday afternoon' style work.

All comments gratefully received. Ta!
Noisy PAS - Andrew-T
I would guess that the same rule applies to PAS fluid as to brake fluid ( absorbs moisture) but as PAS is nowhere as mission-critical as brakes, no-one bothers to change it. See if that makes any difference. Or perhaps the pump needs attention?


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