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ford fiesta - mk6 fiesta brakes - I hate my car

Today my car failed it's mot on a leaking brake pipe not the rubber 1 the copper 1 under the car, This pipe runs over the fuel tank and drops down to above the fuel filter my first question is has anyone changed 1 of these before and if so how was it done as with the fuel tank in place you can't get a spanner in the gap :@

My second question is dose the join need to be there or can I join it in a easier to access point cut bk the line and replace it would that pass the mot and dose anyone no how the pipe is held in place under the fuel tank or if at all?

Spoke to the garage who done the mot and they want £200 now normaly I'd just pay it but only just spent 400 on timing belt water pump and other belts hence the name any advice on this would be great

Thanks I hate my car

ford fiesta - mk6 fiesta brakes - elekie&a/c doctor

I think you will need to ask yourself ,have you worked on hydraulic braking systems before,and do you have the correct tools to make up and flare new pipework??I would consider making up a new section of pipe and routing it around the fuel tank and securing it adequately to the body work.Dropping the fuel tank for access could open up a complete new can of worms.The price quoted does seem a little high.


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