Very heavy clutch - Wally Zebon
I recently had an Audi A3 1.6 as a courtesy car when my Audi 80 S2 was in being looked at. I was amazed at how light the clutch was and also how smooth the gears changed. It was a joy to drive.

When I went to collect my car, I found it difficult to drive as the clutch was so heavy. The gearbox is very stiff meaning that fast gear changes are virtually impossible.

Its not something the garage has done as it has always been like this since I've had the car. Is this normal or do I have a gearbox problem?

Very heavy clutch - RichardW

How many miles has the clutch covered? In modern clutches the wearing out symptoms tend to be progressivly heavier operation, and difficulty in gear changing, rather than the more 'traditional' slipping. A change of clutch cable (if appropriate on your car) MIGHT improve things, but I fear you are going to need to dig deep for a clutch replacement job.

Very heavy clutch - Richard Hall
I think these Audis have hydraulic clutches. I read on an Audi enthusiasts website (can't remember which one) that the clutch pedal action can sometimes be improved by changing the fluid. Failing that, assuming there isn't a problem with the hydraulics (like a partly collapsed flexible hose) then I think RichardW is right. Either the clutch itself is worn out, or there is a fault with the actuating mechanism. Whichever, it's a big bill, and an S2 is probably going to need an Audi specialist rather than the local fast-fit clutch place.

Richard Hall
Very heavy clutch - Gen
How long have you had the car?
Very heavy clutch - Big John
An Audi 80 S2 is a very different car to an A3 1.6.

I beleive the S2 has an in line engine coupled with a "proper Audi gearbox". Do to the performance nature of this car the clutch would need to be substantial (ie heavy).

The Audi A3 1.6 uses golf running gear with a smaller gearbox and hydraulic clutch, easier to drive but not as durable.


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