Fiesta rs turbo problems - James Wills
Hi, i have just bought a fiesta rs turbo and it was running fine till the other day. i was sitting on the carriageway and it started to give a misfire when i put my foot down. i got it home and left it over night. now if i start it up it runs for about 2 minutes then just cuts out .... if i drive it, and put my foot down to quickly i get a bad misfire and the car seems to kick back. if i am gentle with the pedal i can get some boost off the turbo but if im too hasty it just shakes and kicks back. if i'm pullling away from junctions i have to give it high revs and pull away on the clutch or it stalls. i took it to a mechanic, he changed the fuel filter as it was full of dirt, and he said the pipe to it was kinked. i dont know where to start with it really so if anyone has any suggestions i would be reall grateful. someone suggested to me it could be the fuel pump?

james wills.
Fiesta rs turbo problems - the conductor
hi i would say fuel pump relay is knackered. contacts probably melted and stopping fuel pump from working. also when car cuts out do you mean stalls like its run out of fuel? late fords are common for in-tank fuel pump failing. this will cause fuel pressure to drop mean when car is under heavy load will misfire as fuel is not there to be burnt. listen under back seat with car idling to c if fuel pump is running.
Fiesta rs turbo problems - glowplug
I doubt this is the cause of you problem but I had a Metro turbo that would play up when on reasonable boost for more than a about 10 seconds. After much messing around (including rolloing road time) it turned out to be a porous pickup pipe in the fuel tank. I found out because I filled it up to the brim and gave it a bit of hammer, everything was OK until I'd used a couple of gallons or so.

Fiesta rs turbo problems - mfarrow
As the throttle opens, the inertia in the fuel means that it takes a while to speed up along the piping. If you haven't got enough pressure behind the fuel, it's going to take a longer time to increase velocity. This causes weakening of the mixture hence stalling. So definately something in the fuel system gone wrong, like pump or blocked filter. Might there be other components that could go wrong in the throttle body? A fuel pressure regulator or something?

Just my two cents.

Mike Farrow
Fiesta rs turbo problems - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Could be fuel pump/pressure. Call in an expert as you could spend a fortune throwing bits at it.

Happiness is a T70 at full chat!
Fiesta rs turbo problems - greaser pv
Along time ago a customer brought an Escort turbo into our garage. He was at his wits end He'd been to the main agent and various independant outfits without success. He had allsorts of problems with it , it wouldn't run,rev etc etc. Long and short of it was a split intake pipe ( one of the large rubber ones, to the turbo if I remember correctly ).It may involve taking these pipes off to check but it's worth it. I got a large tip for sorting it ! Of course this may not be your particular fault but it's fairly easy to check .


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