Cycle carriers - BobbyG
I am thinking of buying a cycle carrier to mount on the rear window of my Scenic. Does anyone out there know an exact model that will fit without having to get extra lights etc fitted?

Also, excuse my cynicism, but are rear hatches built to support the weight of 2 or 3 bikes on them, bouncing along through pot holes.

You see plenty of them about but has anyone experienced them causing damage to tailgates, hinges etc?

Also, I think I know the anser to this, but what if someone runs into you from the rear - does it then possibly lead to a bike being pushed through your window?

Any thoughts would be appreciated...
Cycle carriers - DeeJay
With 3 bikes on , this type of carrier is marginal at best . There is a very real risk of minor damage to the car , dents , scratches , etc. , and they do fall off surprisingly often unless fitted absolutely correctly . If you can fit roof bars to the Scenic then these with a proper cycle carrier attachment are a far better solution ( if a little more expensive initially). The best solution is a tow bar mounted carrier , but obviously this will be quite expensive unless it is already rigged for towing . With reference to the damage question , yes ,the bikes can be pushed through the window in a shunt . Another reason to think about carrying them on the roof . DeeJay .
Cycle carriers - Cyd
And no, most OEs do not test their tailgates for durability with three bikes mounted on them.

The roof is also the best place from a weight distribution point of view too.
Cycle carriers - PhilW
I wonder if there is a Decathlon store near you? They seem to have a good range of carriers for tailgate, roof and towbar and being a French company may be able to give specific advice for your car. Their web address is
Cycle carriers - Bromptonaut
The roof is also the best place from a weight distribution
point of view too.

The roof is almost certainly the best place but check the handbook and the bike specs for weight.
Cycle carriers - slefLX
But remember they're there if you go under any low bridges ;-)
Cycle carriers - henry k
More important watch out for
Low or not so low branches of trees on camp sites or scenic areas
Entranches to multi storey car parks
Entrances to some carparks with goal post type height restrictors
I have experience of the hazards.
Low branches in my drive so a BIG reminder to park in the road when returning from UNI with sons bike on top.
Sadly I went to the rubbish tip - not my local one - a few years ago with roof rack piled high. Big bang as HRW was shattered by repositioned roof rack. Own Goal??? Height restrictors to stop vans and make them pay commercial rate. I was not amused.
Cycle carriers - Cyd
Most cars have a roof rack rated weight of 75kg. A reasonable quality aluminium framed mountain bike will weigh 25lb or less. only the cheapest steel MBs will weigh about 30lb or so, but unlikely to be above 35lb unless weighed down with accessories. On this basis you should be able to get four bikes on the roof and be just under the rated weight. Don't forget to account for the weight as part of the vehicles GVW - those four bikes plus rack weigh about the same as 1 adult.
Cycle carriers - Altea Ego

I use a cycle carrier on my scenic. Its a halfords one - carries three adult bikes. Supports the bikes above the number plate. The scenic rear hatch door is quite strong and seems to cope well. you have to watch the foam covers on the tubes for grit and make sure the bodywork is clean or they will scratch badly. You have to stop after about 20 miles to tighten all the straps up again then its fine.
Cycle carriers - BobbyG
Renault Family, do you know the exact model of Halfords rack?
Also, I have been quoted approx £120 for towbar, towball and single electrics. If I did that, i could then get a towball carrier for about £40, have a towbar for towing a trailer where needed, and avoid the scratches on the bodywork?
Although I would probably still need a lighting board?
Cycle carriers - number67
I've got a 'Rhode-gear' cylce carrier - it's very good but the abundance of straps and buckles (which help keep it in place) take a while to sort out - though having seen plenty of cars with dangling bikes jumping around - its time well spent.

If you get a tow bar fitted this looke pretty impressive

though i have no experience of it (or Renault Scenics!)
Cycle carriers - Altea Ego
er no sorry, its about 6 years old now. It was a Halfords own brand one and i first used it on the cavalier hatchback I had b4 the scenic. It was sufficiently adjustable to go from a sloping hatch on the cav to an upright on one the scenic both times clear of the number plate
If you get the towbar mounted carrier then yes you will need a
lighting board for sure
Cycle carriers - Clanger
I bought an American Hollywood carrier to fit on the towbar of the Synergie. Not strictly relevant if you don't have a towbar, but I felt the plastic tailgate of the Synergie would be compromised by having a bike rack on it. Also this carrier hinges away from the car, allowing the tailgate to lift.

Cycle carriers - blank
Not strictly relevant, but a tale I'll never forget. I wanted to pop up to the N Lakes with my mate to do a little mountain biking. I borrowed a bike carrier to fit onto my then 96 Laguna, strapped it on in the dark, seemed OK so loaded up the bikes and set off from Lancashire to Keswick.

It was only when we came to unload the bikes at Keswick that we noticed that the top edge of the Laguna tailgate is only a rather flexible rubber strip over the edge of the glass. Goodness knows how the bikes and carrier didn't fall off on the journey up the motorway and lanes.

For the rest of the trip we carried the bikes dismantled in the boot with the rest of our kit. And have always taken more care fitting bike carriers from then on!

Cycle carriers - UncleR
Used a quite basic rack on my previous car (Escort Cabrio) and although it seemed ok in terms of clearance, after a few uses I noticed some paint removal on the boot edge in 2 places. Irritating to say the least.

With my new Compact I don't know what to do as the glass of the back windscreed does not have a metal frame at the top and I fear breaking the back screen hooking 2 bikes to it. Looking at the above advice, I may go for roof mounting.
Cycle carriers - smokie
Went out with a friend one evening in separate cars, him with bikes upright on roof rack.

Without thinking, he went into the multi-storey car park......
Cycle carriers - FFX-DM
I also think that lifting mud encrusted mountain bikes onto a roof rack with arms fatigued from a spot of extreme MTB activity may lead to at best, a bit of a stuggle (especially for the short) and as many scratches on the car as a rear mounted carrier. The mountain bike magazines seem to favour the towball mounted racks. For all rear mounted bikes, be careful to keep the tyres away from the hot exhaust, I have seen them go bang! My friend purchased a pickup truck and mounted his rack in the back. His choice of hobby completely defined his choice of vehicle (this was after an encounter with a multi-storey car park and an expensive custom MTB)
Cycle carriers - blank
Sorry to be daft (perhaps), but if he had a pick-up, why didn't he just lob the bikes in the back?
Cycle carriers - Soupytwist
I think the pick up came *after* the expensive moutain bike interfaces with multi storey car park incident
Matthew Kelly
No, not that one.
Cycle carriers - henry k
A quote from the THULE website

The only thing you have to worry about when using a roof mounted carrier from Thule is forgetting all about it when driving into your garage...


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