Really?? - Gen
Just spotted this in the newspaper,,5-2003140333,00.html

Ferrari 328GTS = lacks sexual confidence
Land Rover Discovery = Wannabe macho
Renault Megane = I'm sorted

I would be happy to have the lack of sexual confidence though...well worth it...

Really?? - DavidHM
I particularly liked the way they blanked out the plates of the purple Citroën Visa motorhome. Yeah, like there's another one tooling around Manchester.
Really?? - Altea Ego
Espace = I am not firing blanks...........(or as dell boy said "not a jaffa")
Really?? - HF
Sun readers - hmm, DD can you edit them all out for me ;)))
Really?? - Dynamic Dave
Sun readers - hmm, DD can you edit them all out
for me ;)))

Er, nope. Cos I'm one too.
Really?? - No Do$h
Sun Reader in Moderator Shocker! Defender of moral blah blah blah....

Back on track, how on earth can the car you drive pigeon-hole you? Unless you have a citreon of course.
Really?? - No Do$h
Please add world's largest smiley to both sentences.
Really?? - Morris Ox
Citroen blah diesel blah Xantia blah hydropneumatic blah Xsara blah Picasso blah smooth blah comfortable blah lowered ride height blah blah blah

(this is to save space later on in this thread)
Really?? - THe Growler
Citroens? They're French, aren't they?
Really?? - Morris Ox
Mais oui, formidable!

End eef you menshun zis again ah will veto ze thread...
Really?? - HF
ND - ROFL!!!

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