- PaulMatthews
I bought my Nextbase Duo from Maplins...after a week card error kept coming up, also most mornings when it powered up the screen image would be over exposed & required un plugging from the supply then plugging back in again to rectify it for that day only....after exchanging the unit 10 times I finally called Nextbase..after explaining the problems it seemed the card error was due to it needing the software updating! The card error problem went away but the units clock kept jumping....they finally replaced the unit for yet another one, which they had tested...it now works perfectly except for the screen over exposing first start of the day every day...I've got used to unplugging the supply to reset it all the time.....Nextbase couldn't fault the unit I sent back....but then they would say that wouldn't they.....I like the unit but would have prefered it to work faultlessly, they never followed the problem up....not sure if they really care...would I buy another one...only if I couldn't find an alternative twin camera unit.

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What a great piece of kit this is. Once you get past the fiddly little buttons it becomes a doddle to use and the clarity upon playback especially on my t***iba laptop is incredible using the Nextbase software. Obtaining the correct exposure and white balance can also be a bit hit and miss at first but I soon got used to it. The only tweak I'd like to offer the manufacturer is that both cameras should be able to not only swivel but be allowed to tilt in a downward and upward direction. I would recommend this dashcam to all even though it's a little on the pricey side, but let's face it, if you have an accident which wasn't your fault and you can't prove it wasn't then you're stuffed, with this little fella there's no argument and therefore a small price to pay compared to an expensive body job on your vehicle coming out of your own pocket, just saying.
Could this be used on a campervan, how are the two cameras linked? If hard wired how long is the cable. Can the rear camera be mounted outside?
- Ray Paterson
I have had a Duo for over a year now. No major problems but it occasionally needs a couple of restarts to get the software to go on the PC. The worst thing about it is the bracket. You either need to unplug the power and remove the sucker from the screen or you have to unplug the power and GPS connection and remove the camera from the bracket with a fiddly sideways slide.
Wait until they update this with a better bracket like the new Nextbase cameras.
- PaulMatthews
Had my money's worth out of this unit.....it's lasted a year & is now giving eratic problems. Will now be looking to replace it with anything but a Nextbase!

regarding the Nextbase Duo car cam after 12 months more or less small problems it started acting up turning itself off i tried everthing to rectify this problem factory reset that worked for a bit then problem came back, tried new power leads that again seemed to work but 2 days later it started shutting down on its own , went to maplin for advice they were

useless saying the internal battery does not last long and thats the problem . i then had the power leads tested and all ok so the problem is with the unit itself , so now i have a camera costing under 200 pounds that is useless to use , would i buy another nextbase the answer is No , i am going to buy a Transend pro 230 better value and good night vision

and less fiddly to use.


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