The Good News Thread ! - volvoman
Just read about a BMW 7 series V8 owner who's having his engine repaired FOC by the dealer.

Spurred me on to report the good news about my tyres. Last week I just clipped the low lying and well worn plinth of a junction treatment with the O/R tyre whilst turning right and found myself with a nice big hole in the side wall of an almost new Michelin Energy 185/65 HR15 tyre. Dohhhhhh...

Anyway yesterday (MOT impending) I decided to ring around for prices on a replacement. I was recommended a dealer who offered to solve my problem for the miserly sum of £105!!

Anyway I then tried Costco who were able to offer the same tyre for just over £60 inc. VAT & fitted etc. !! :-)

Better still, I'm told Costco has a limited supply of BF Goodrich tyres in only that size for £35ish. A fitter said they're very good so my plan is to remove the other rear Michelin and use that as a spare (old spare is pretty tatty!) and buy 2 BFG tyres to fit on the rear.

Even if I can't do that for some reason I'll buy the new Michelin and and still be £40 better off.

So, some good news at last it seems - touch wood !

Anyone else out there had any good news concerning your motors ?
The Good News Thread ! - mr_right
Yeah i went to the garage on the weekend to see me car being repaired, said it will hopefully be finished by friday, plus he saw the exhaust's back box was a bit rusted and is replacing that FOC, well FOC to me not the other guys insurance who hit me.

The Good News Thread ! - No Do$h
(points accusingly at Mr right) Insurance fraud!


Anyway, more good news. I've now had the Alfa for 5,000 miles and every one of them has been trouble free.
The Good News Thread ! - BrianW
Managed to source a tailgate strut at short notice (ordered Sat late pm and picked up Monday) from our local spares shop and replace it myself without being ripped off by our local main dealer.

Hardly a big job in the scale of things, took me ten minutes but is probably half an hour on the service sheet.
The Good News Thread ! - smokie
I've had BF Goodrich tyres all round on the Omega MV6 for (guessing) 20k + miles and they are wearing well and seem to handle well too.

Rears are getting near to requiring replacement (rwd car!) but I think I've had good value out of them. They were about £80 per tyre for 205 x somethings, much cheaper than top brands.
The Good News Thread ! - manwithtool
Talking of cheap tyres, you will find it very difficult to match Micheldever tyres. I always give them a ring before buying. It's often worth the trip.

I think HJ has mentioned them before....And no I have no interest in Micheldever tyre sales !!

The Good News Thread ! - volvoman
Just got back from Costco and am the proud onwer of 2 new BF Goodrich tyres fitted for a total of £62.25 inc VAT. The tyres were just £24.49 plus VAT each and if I get anything like 20k from them I'll be very happy indeed. Come to think of it, if I get another 20k from my car I'll be very happy 'cos that's 4-5 years usage for me at current rates. Now all I need to worry about is the MOT.

ps. Non motoring I know but for all those tool freaks out there I just bought a 10 inch table saw with extension tables, blade, mitre guide, fence and 3 year guarantee for 0nly £80 from the B&Q warehouse adjacent to Costco. Met a tradesman in the car park who'd had one for a couple of years and was very happy with it so I'm extra delighted :-))

Sorry Mark I just couldn't resist !
The Good News Thread ! - mr_right
No Dosh, you can point all you like im not sure if there was a problem wiv my exhaust im not mechanically minded in exhausts. The engineer told me it needs one and its being replaced therefore im not going to complain, actually to me it looked brand new anyways. Not my problem its the body shops agree?

Neva mind ;-)
The Good News Thread ! - No Do$h
Mr R, shame on you!

Only kidding. Some would doubtless eulogise about "massaged" claims costing us all in increased premiums but I'm not one of them. Personally I think that exhausts are often an area overlooked in claims, especially those involving a rear impact. I would be interested to know how many people have suffered either a blown silencer or knackered Cat in the weeks following a shunt.

The Good News Thread ! - mr_right
Glad to see someone with a sence of humor in here, your right No Dosh and like i siad i dunno if it needed replacing or not im not a mechanic, all good fun in the end.
The Good News Thread ! - Blue {P}
I'm pleased they're fixing your car for you Mr Right, I honestly thought it would be a certain write-off looking at the pictures. I suppose it must have been mainly cosmetic, mine was all structural (well, boot floor anyway, the car's chassis was untouched) with no cosmetic damage :(
The Good News Thread ! - mr_right
Thanks Blue Oval, yeah they said it looks worse than it was they took the boot floor out put a new one in along with a new boot etc.

I went to see it the weekend just gone it looked weird with the boot open and no floor i could of parked the hire car a micra in the boot there and then, i should hopefully have it back the weekend.

The only problem is i dont really want it anymore after driving this hire car for a bit, to get back into my escort and drive it (Like i did last week.) There is a big difference so i think im going to sell it once ive got it bac and look for a newer car, its jsut choosing what to go for!!!!!!
The Good News Thread ! - volvoman
On the Richter scale of good news this might only register a 1.3 but my trusty 1991 Volvo 940 se turbo estate just passed its MOT with flying colours. With 138k on the clock I was beginning to think its days were numbered. It's been very reliable in the 5 years I've owned it (touching wood now !!) and compared to some stories I've read here I've got off very lightly when the odd repair had been required. The MOT tester told me he'd seen loads of 740/940's over the years and they're 'bomb proof.' In fact he'd just passed another 1992 model with 250k on the clock and still going strong ! He said it'd be well worth forking out for new brakes, rear silencer, cam belt and clutch as and when these are required rather than ditching the car for a newer one and possibly inheriting more problems - better the devil you know !

Anyway, I've only done 3.2k since last MOT so I'm hoping the brakes and clutch will last a bit longer. The back box will go soon I know but I've had almost 3 years out of it and you know what those fast fit boxes are like, they usually fall apart 2 days after the 1 year warranty expires.

On the emissions side, I have used products fuel/ oil treatment and cat cleaning products which are supposed to clean the fuel system and cat, provide additional lubrication, reduce emissions and improve fuel economy. I know some of you have a dim view of this sort of product but they seems to have worked 'cos most of my mileage is short journeys of 5-10 miles only.

BTW - the MOT tester doesn't do any of the servicing so he doesn't have a vested interest.


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