Astra Coupe - PhilDews
Is this belt or chain cam? Any assistance would be appreciated!

Astra Coupe - Dynamic Dave
Depends on the engine. If the 2.2 litre, then its chain. IIRC all other engine sizes are belt.
Astra Coupe - PhilDews
1.8 - your info is noted! That will be changes at 40,000mls then.
Astra Coupe - Railroad
Changing the cambelt on these is a piece of cake. Beware although not always, the 1800 engine can suffer valve damage if the belt breaks. So prevention is better than cure.
Astra Coupe - RogerL
All belted Vauxhalls are now recommended for change at 40,000 miles even if handbook in car specifies different. Don't forget to examine the tension rollers and replace them as well if less than perfect.

All belted Vauxhall 16v/24v engines are very likely to suffer valve/head damage if the belt fails. Only belted 8v engines have any real chance of avoiding damage.

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