Fiesta 97 1.3i-Engine Runaway - Patrick
This car is very reliable and exibits no real faults other than speeding up by itself occasionally once in top gear and warm. This is annoying when changing gear and can be unnerving. I thought it was to do with the engine mangement unit or accelerator chip but the diagnostic machine at the garage does not show anything. Reluctant to change management unit on a hunch! Is there anybody out there who has experienced the same or got some ideas?
Fiesta 97 1.3i-Engine Runaway - Chas{P}

This is quite a common fault. Please see main points of the Ford Technical Service Bulletin below:

Car and Light/Medium Commercial 31.07.2000
Section: 303-14A (23)
Model: Ka 1.3L Endura-E from 08.1995 to 21.06.2000 (build codes ST to YK) inclusive
Fiesta 1.3L Endura-E from 08.1995 (build code ST) onwards
Markets: All
Subject: Engine idle flare during gear changes
Should a customer express concern about engine idle flare during gear changes, the probable cause is
poor electrical contact at the throttle position (TP) sensor. This concern should be rectified by installing a
new TP sensor and wiring loom TP sensor connector.



Fiesta 97 1.3i-Engine Runaway - mab23

Where did you find this? Is it searchable online?

I've just realised what was wrong with the Ka I chopped in last summer...

Fiesta 97 1.3i-Engine Runaway - Carl2
I caused the same symptoms in my escort 1.3 when I cleaned the idle control valve. These valves are prone to becoming contaminated after about 45000 miles upwards. I thought I would be clever and clean it with carb cleaner. Drove off afterwards to test the car after about 5mins the revs started to climb quite high. I had to change the valve in the end. There is also a switch that is fitted to some of these cars I think it is on the clutch pedal I believe this was to stop a rev related problem when changing gear although there is not one fitted to my car.
My car is also a 97. It was running perfectly until I applied my "preventative maintenance". It returned to perfect running after I changed the valve.

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