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Lancia Dedra Water pump - Andrew Barnes

The water pump on my father in law's Lancia Dedra has failed. It uses the Fiat 2 litre twin cam engine. I had a look and it look very hard to get at, does anybody know how long / how much it would take to fix it?


Lancia Dedra Water pump - David Lacey
Probably a long long time and would cost a huge amount - if you can still source the parts.
Re: Lancia Dedra Water pump - David Woollard

Bit of a pig, trade time 2.8 hours. A long time compared with many Fords at 1hr, having said that a lot of Citroens are over 3hrs!

At the main Fiat dealers could be a whopper of a bill, try a sympathetic smaller chap who knows Fiats.

Re: Lancia Dedra Water pump - Andrew Barnes
Thanks Guys!

I found a local Fiat Specialist grease monkey who did it for 160 quid, not too bad I thought, he had the engine hoisted at one point!


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