Back Ache astra seats - Benjamin
I've recently changed from a mondeo to an Astra ls, I drive 1000 + miles a week and I am suffering. Back ache, side ache, I've never driven such an uncomfortable car. Any thoughts on a 3rd party support I could purchase to help ease my problems? The mondeo never gave my any back problems.

Regards Benjamin
Back Ache astra seats - Hew Jamsandwich
I don't know if it will help but Vauxhall produced a free booklet called 'Are You Sitting Comfortably' or similar, on how to adjust seats for comfort etc. Might be worth asking a Vauxhall dealer if it has a copy.
Back Ache astra seats - Godfrey H {P}
Benjamin I am surprised you are having problems with the Astra seats. I suffer from a bad back and chose the Astra because it was kind to my back. As Hew said maybe you haven't got the seat correctly adjusted
Back Ache astra seats - Andrew-T
Maybe this just shows that Benjamin and Godfrey are not the same shape?
Back Ache astra seats - Mark (RLBS)

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Back Ache astra seats - Martin Wall
I had similar problems when I recntly had an Astra as a hire car - I ended up having to recline the seat back a bit more and then it was fine. Try experimenting with different seat heights/recline angles - don't forget to adjust the steering wheel position also.

In summary - it was really painful until I mad some adjustments then it was ok - 400 miles non-stop without a hitch.
Back Ache astra seats - Godfrey H {P}
Ah yes I reclined the seat slightly to get a comfortable driving position. Before buying a car I insist on a long test drive to check out the driving position/seats for back problems. I can't do this with just a quick test drive round the block.
Back Ache Vectra seats - Simon (Anne\'s Other Half)
Unfortunately this makes no difference on my company Vectra.
My company have a 120k mile target for their cars, so after a 20 stone previous occupant for the first 100k, it is decidedly stuffing-less. (I drive 800 miles per week.)
I cannot drive for more than 2 hours without squirming with pain. Then I have to get out and stand, stretch etc to ease my spine. Costs me a fortune in osteopath bills.
Company attitude is that it is not their problem. The seat is too expensive/too much hassle to restuff/replace for the remaining time. They refuse to pay for the osteopath, and will not accept their car is the cause of my back pain.
I am aching (literally!) to reach 120k and a new vehicle.

Back Ache Vectra seats - Martin Wall
You must be the only person out there cursing the reliability of a Vectra! Seriously though, you would think that after 100k miles something must be ready to break soon - just make sure you don't replace the cambelt and make sure the oil never gets changed - that ought to do the job ;-)
Back Ache astra seats - TrevP
Benjamin -

try this -
Back Ache astra seats - hxj
Interesting that your employer claims that it is not their responsibility to ensure that you are safe and not put at risk when working for them. That is clearly incorrect. Driving a car for long distances is no different from RSI when using a keyboard for extensive periods.

Of course it all really depends upon your relationship with your employer, but you could always ask for a health and safety assessment, or grovel nicely to the boss and ask for a new car, or sue them for constructive dismissal as they made it impossible to do your job properly
Back Ache astra seats - Benjamin
Well the back ache is getting worse. I dread driving the car. I have tried a couple of devises from Halfords (lumber supports) but they are not helping. Does anyone know how much a new seat would cost from Vauxhall? My car is an LX it has no lumber support, could I fit a seat from an SXi that has lumber support and also an extension that supports the upper leg?
Any car breakers that I could try?

Back Ache astra seats - Dynamic Dave
Any car breakers that I could try?

Back Ache astra seats - Ian (Cape Town)
Any car breakers that I could try?

A word of caution, I know the handbook of my Astra [1995 model] says not to play about with the seats - something to do with the seatbelt tensioners.
Haynes repeats the warning - says there are some nasty springs (or something) which can cause injury.
Back Ache astra seats - Dynamic Dave
A word of caution, I know the handbook of my Astra
[1995 model] says not to play about with the seats -
something to do with the seatbelt tensioners.

It's ok, providing you fit the locking device[1] to the pre-tensioners before removal.

[1] It's a "C" shaped piece of red plastic. Vauxhall used to put them behind the door trim, but as they had a tendancy to rattle and annoy, they either didn't bother leaving them in the car at all, or if they did, they were just under the carpet flap where the VIN number is stamped.

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