BMW - service (well Mini anyway) - Pugugly {P}
SWMBO took her Mini to a local dealer for first service under TLC package. This is the dealer experience.

She phoned last week, line was engaged but she was invited to leave details and they would call back, which they did in three minutes. Booked it in for a Specific time (i.e. instead of "first thing").

She turned up early and was met by the Service area gate by a Driver who took the car from her and sent her inside where she booked the car in. She reported a sticking window which occured on the way to the dealer. Car was due to be ready within 90 minutes.

Guy who sold her the car saw her came to greet her and remembered
her name (after nearly a year)

She has a cup (note a proper cup) of coffee and went shopping. Ca
me back later, car was almost ready and she had to wait an extra twenty minutes - another cup of cofee ??

This is the first time we've used this dealer as paying customers.

Car delivered to her cleaned on the outside and valeted on the inside. Sticky window had been sorted, service book stamped up and back in its folder.
BMW - service (well Mini anyway) - No Do$h
If only!

I used to get similar service from the local honda dealer, an absolute joy. Since then I've not been staying "in franchise" for servicing but will be returning to the fold for the Alfa. Hope (but doubt) I will get the same treatment......
BMW - service (well Mini anyway) - blank
Must make sure my wife doesn't read this! She already goes ah..Mini when we see them and she's now even worked out what the Cooper S's look like!

Nice to hear of a good dealer experience

BMW - service (well Mini anyway) - jud
Same treatment with two different Audi garages (but you pay for it when you buy the product), when the salesman remember my name after a year i wondered if it was because i had been a good pay day for him.

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