Vectra clutch slave cylinder - dazzo
Been losing fluid from the combined brake / clutch fluid reservoir on my '96 vectra and have tracked it down to the clutch slave cylinder, according to Haynes workshop manual this looks a massive job involving removing the front subframe and gearbox. Has anyone had this job done? What sort of money would I be looking at to get it done and roughly what would the timescale be? Any advice appreciated so I can decide what course of action to take next.
Vectra clutch slave cylinder - Dynamic Dave
OK, I drive an Auto Vectra, but *surely* the clutch is cable operated, not hydraulic.
Vectra clutch slave cylinder - dazzo
nope, trust me on this, the clutch is hydraulically operated, I had a SRI cav and that had a cable cluch so when this problem first started to manifest itself (losing clutch pressure on a long run)I susupected the auto adjusters on the clutch cable had failed in some way, no cable though, just a master cylinder BEHIND the brake servo and on top of the gearbox, a pipe and a b***** bleed nipple. Sort of wish mine was an auto at the mo!


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