Ford Galaxy 2003 - Central locking - Filmsrose
Hi there, the central locking on my Galaxy is going haywire. It's haphazardly locking only some of the doors and similarly, when unlocking, some doors may remain locked. The front passenger door often remains locked when the rest of the car is unlocked. Occasionally the drivers door too remains locked and I have had to climb in from the back! When locking, just in last few days, the car is locking all doors except drivers door. The doors that stay locked when car is unlocked can't then be opened even from the inside.The key has now stopped working when used in the drivers door and the remote is sporadic so I darent use the car. I'm scared of getting trapped in car too with all doors locked!
Any ideas anyone please? Thanks!
Ford Galaxy 2003 - Central locking - elekie&a/c doctor

Check the wiring where it runs from the drivers door pillar to the door.Very possibly some fractured or broken cables.You won't get trapped in the car,as it will be "doors to manual"


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