Rover Diesel - BMDUBYA
I am on the lookout for a Rover 218 Turbo Diesel on a late K - N reg, looking to pay not much more than £900, I would appreciate any comments, good or bad, and things to look out for. Thanks in advance.
Rover Diesel - Armitage Shanks{P}
I had one of these for a couple of years, 'L' plate. It gave no trouble at all and needed nothing except consumeables when it was serviced. However some of these were expensive as they were actually Honda sourced parts. I seem to recall £90 + VAT per rear shock absorber. Economical, boring and reliable, in my experience; you should find a good one for £900. I think that this model used a Peugoet sourced engine.
Rover Diesel - Vansboy
How long can you wait?
If you want one with 8-15000 miles N-P plate, keep in touch with Manheim Auctions Colchester.
This is where Heathrow Airport (BAA) sell their cars.
They will be white body, yellow roof,but de-stickered & VERY clean.Used only on airport, so lots of low speed work & associated gear changes.But genuine miles £13-£1500 at a guess.
Rover Diesel - BMDUBYA
Thanks for that VB, but I really do have to stick very strictly to £900 max.

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