New alternator? - Matt
Recieved this query from a friend about a mate of his - what do you guys think? Is the price fair etc? Thanks...

Took a friend to the garage today because her car was playing up and they said her alternator was dicky. Apparently it wasn\'t charging the battery correctly and if she carried on like that her battery would die. Sometimes also the car was only firing on 3 cylinders... New alternator = £145!! So, is that a fair price, and if so, is there any way of getting around the problem..?

New alternator? - RichardW
Go on, give us a clue....

Car make and model, fuel type, symptoms, dealer or back street????

FWIW a new alternator for my BX TD was about £250, and took me about 2 hours to fit it, so I wouldn't have expected any change out of £350 at a main dealer (but I got a re-con for £60...).

New alternator? - Vansboy
Find an auto-electrcian to test it, assuming it's still on the car.They may identify the miss-fire, too.
Get them to price a re con of yours & an exchange unit.
New alternator? - wemyss
Matt I think the price must vary greatly depending on model of car.
About a year ago the alternator went down on my wifes Maestro TD.
Went to auto electricians Harrison at Hilton near Derby who I can highly recommend.
They tested it and confirmed it was faulty.
Fitted a new one and retested. £50.25 + £24.00 labour total with vat £87.24
As vansboy says an auto-electrical place is the best bet.

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