Small 4x4 Auto - MokkaMan

A friend of mine is looking for a small 4x4 auto, under 2 years old, with a budget of £15,000 and they do not like Fiats.

All I have been able to suggest is either a Suzuki Vitara or a Suzuki SX4 Crossover.

Can anyone think of anything else?

Many thanks

Small 4x4 Auto - gordonbennet

Hyundai IX35 (now replaced so buy cheap), so presumably Sportage also available with auto box, Subaru Forester (again).

All these may be slightly too large, but at least with the first two will still have 3 years or more worthwhile warranties running.

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Small 4x4 Auto - MokkaMan

Many thanks for that. I had a look on Autotrader but the Hyundai and Kia seem to be aged more around 3-4 years at that price.

Small 4x4 Auto - Engineer Andy

Ones that come to mind (though I'm just listing them, not saying how good they are - see HJ's car-by-car breakdown for that):

  • Dacia Duster (might not have an auto version though, not entirely sure);
  • Jeep Renegade/Wrangler (though just reading the Wrangler review I would steer clear at least);
  • The Mazda CX-3 might do (though still might be a bit big) but is brand new so you'd have to wait another 18 months for second-hand prices to dip below £15k, which might or might not happen (cheapest 4x4 is the 2ltr petrol at £22.5k new list price);
  • Skoda Yeti (may be dragged in to VW's diesel engine woes, reviews say lots of problems now occurring, again a bit big and not cheap/that small (same issue as Mazda CX-3 [even more expensive]);
  • SsangYong Tivoli (!);
  • Vauxhall Antara (Not small or good!!);
  • VW Tiguan (too expensive, VW diesel/DSG problems and too expensive).

To be honest, small and 4x4 normally don't go together. The SX-4 might be the best bet unless they can wait and see if the CX-3 price comes down enough after 2 years, though I wouldn't be surprised if it isn't that good as a proper off-roader, especially if they are using standard-fit summer tyres only.

If this car is for someone who lives in the country and wants better traction in muddy/snowy road conditions in winter (as opposed to needing to drive through fields regularly), better to get a nice, reliable car for their general needs with good ground clearance, decent (not firm) suspension and some very good all-season or second set of winter tyres/rims. Often they do better than a 'soft-roader' 4x4 with standard tyres. Proper off-roader 4x4s are either too big, too expensive (Range Rover Evoque) and/or poor on road (Land Rover Defender).

Best of luck.

Small 4x4 Auto - Engineer Andy

Oh I forgot the Ford Kuga, though again it ain't that small, not cheap (though that's when new and Fords do depreciate a lot) and mainly are on bling-bling rims (if you want 4x4 and auto) so not really suited to life off road (winter tyres and rims might therefore be prohibitively expensive and not so good in bad weather as the higher-profile tyres on other cars) and has a very hard ride on the 18/19in tyres. Again, not really an off-roader.

Small 4x4 Auto - Avant

The Suzuki SX4 up to 2013 was the same car as the Fiat Sedici, so your friend needs to be careful to go for the 2013-onwards SX4 S-cross, which as far as I know is not a collaboration with Fiat.

Small 4x4 Auto - KB.

Jimnys come with an auto option. They're small and they're a proper 4x4.

Small 4x4 Auto - Lygonos

Jimny is utterly fantastic off-road.

And utterly gash on it, unless you like doing 60 on the motorway.

It's also very small inside - Vitara would be a better bet IMO.

Shill up the extra 2-3 grand and get a brand new one with plenty bells'n'whistles.

edit: hmm and 2wd I think for that one ;-)

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Small 4x4 Auto - daveyK_UK

suzuki are the company to go for


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